Travel agent / disney planner referral needed

I am a little OCD and I do enjoy scouring the internet and planning my disney trips but I am no expert, we have only gone twice. I used Lines both times and created daily plans but I still feel like there are probably a lot of tips and discounts that I am missing! I have heard some terrible disney planner stores though. Can anyone recommend someone that they love? Thank you!

So many amazing travel agents are liners! Have you seen this list?

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Hi! I use @DarthDopey and have been for two years now. I believe she’s on the list @PrincipalTinker posted above. I give her my personal recommendation, and all of my travel business. She’s a lot of fun to work with, and extremely professional and dedicated. 5 stars :wink:


We have been using Glynis from Mouse Tales travel and she has been absolutely amazing!

I was just looking at the list again! I too was going to say @DarthDopey you could look at some of her helpful for answers here on posts. She is someone I completely trust to always have an answer to my questions. I would say say that I know and trust the first five names on that list as well as many other liners: @DOLEWHIPDAD is on that list as well as super couple @nerdycool and @Suprgurl.

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Thanks t everyone for the help and suggestions. Sorry I started a new thread that has probably already been covered in many other threads. I am a bit of a newbie!

Never apologize for starting a thread! Welcome to the forum! We love questions!