Travel Agencies, Discount Website Recommendations

Here’s where I’ve been looking and what I’ve found. I would love to know where you’ve had the most luck!

  • Mouse Saver forwards to It’s a Small World. There is no information online, you email them for a quote. The quote they gave me was exactly the same as purchasing directly from Disney - no discount. I take that back, a 10% coupon for Downtown Disney and a lanyard. Yay.

  • Costco had the same pricing as Disney, but a $185 gift card (increases with bigger packages) and 2% towards your Costco cash back (about $97 in my case). Plus the lanyard.

(How exciting are these darn lanyards anyways? :rofl: )

  • Get Away Today’s site was easy to navigate with a map for the whole area. It was easy to see the maximum capacity of a room and even how much parking cost! They had slight discounts on tickets (i.e. G+ was $71 instead of $75 for my 3 day plan).

  • Undercover Tourist didn’t package tickets with hotel. Tickets seemed to be the best discount there (promo $5 off per ticket), but the hotel portion was not as user friendly. Missing many pictures of rooms, not as much data presented as GAT. One that I looked at had the “no free parking” icon (but no price :confused: ) Then in the “Things we like about it” they mention it has free parking. ?

  • Touring Plans doesn’t offer the information online, it’s another fill out a form and get a quote. The quote was about $600 less than the Disney prices, so I’m happily talking to them. It at least feels like they are doing something helpful and having an expert for guidance would be kinda nice.

  • aRes has individual maps but no way to look at the group for proximity context. Just looking at one particular hotel, it seems to be a better savings than GAT but I haven’t tested that thoroughly.

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At DLR I’ve never used a travel agent & always book hotels direct for the best pricing, but I’ve not shopped for packages in a long time due to my aversion to booking things that I can’t cancel within a few days & it seems most of these services require you to buy a vacation protection plan to be able to do that. However, if you can save & bundle with a TA then it sounds like you’ve got a good, wide range of choices. I do know most of these names are very reputable and well-used for discount tickets. Especially Getaway Today.

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You’re right - using a reputable TA will give you the exact same prices you can get at booking directly through Disney.

However… with a good TA you will also get:

  • their expert advice for questions about your trip
  • most will handle booking your ADRs for you, along with keeping trying to find hard-to-get ones after your initial booking day
  • calling and waiting on hold with Disney for anything you need done
  • watching for additional discounts that can be applied after initial booking

Plus more based on their specialities/expertise…

And… reputable TAs are not only free to you, but good ones will allow you to remain as involved or uninvolved in the planning as you like.

For instance, when I booked Galactic Starcruiser on the first day it opened for bookings, I personally didn’t want to sit on hold (since you could only call) for the full day. My TA waiting on hold for me for over 8 hours to get me booked. No cost to me. Then I wanted to handle everything after that… no problem.

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Forgive me, what does ADR stand for?
Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Advanced dining reservation