Trattoria al Forno

Has anyone had the breakfast here? I’m hoping to score a breakfast ressie for November but there is NO availability in the days that are available to look at right now. My 180 is opening Friday, and this is one of two ADR’s I really want. I think we’ll qs most other meals that trip.

There is a review from kenny the purate here.

I haven’t gone. Had a friend who did and loved it. Are you sure there ressies are all posted? They were posting late earlier this year. fingers crossed for you that is still the case. otherwise, I would use the reservation finder.

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I tried for Thanksgiving week and there was nothing available. I’ve got the reservation finder going :relaxed:

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We took our 4 year old and 2 year old and loved it. I thought the food was excellent but our service was kind of lacking by this particular CM. Service seemed to be more attentive at other tables, so perhaps it was a perception of mine rather than a reality.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thanks all! My 180 days opens Friday, and I’m hoping it’s just opening dates late. We’ll see! If not, I’ve put in a pre-emptive reservation finder as well! Because, well, Flynn Ryder!

We are doing this next month! Do you think boys would like it as much as girls? My son is tired of meeting princesses, but maybe he would like this one because there are princes too. What were the character interactions like? Also, about how long did your meal last?

I’m not sure. You get equal time with Flynn and Prince Eric, but if that’s not his thing then I’m not sure how it would go over.

Each Prince/Princess stopped by the table and then took pictures with our girls. If you’ve done CRT the character interaction is a similar experience in my opinion. My 4 year-old’s favorite princesses are Ariel and Rapunzel, so she was plenty star struck when she saw them.

I didn’t keep a close eye on the time since we worked our touring plan around this breakfast. However, I’d estimate it was about 1-1.25 hours if you include the time to wait after check-in. The meal itself was just under an hour, but these are pretty rough guesses.

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My 180 opened on Tuesday. I was up at 6am and did not get it. I’m going 11/26-12/2. When I set the reservation finder it told me it would start the search on June 1st as it was too far away (or something to that affect).
Good Luck!

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Thanks. OY! I’m actually going to be more sad if I can’t get this one than if I can’t get dinner at BOG during the time we’re there! Reservation finder is also going to look for me starting on 6/2 as well, so maybe I’ll luck out at some point.

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