Trattoria al Forno at Boardwalk * February 2022

As a local, 20 minutes from WDW, there are not many WDW restaurants we would select for a night out, but if we are going to be on property, there are about 6 we like to go to. Trattoria al Forno is one of them.

The food and service for breakfast or dinner is very good. Usually very good. Our most recent breakfast had several problems, but the manager was very apologetic, and we know it was an odd bad day. Comparatively, a similarly poor breakfast at Steakhouse 71, and they didn’t even try to apologize or acknowledge the problems.

The breakfast is a very good and unique menu. No mass produced Disney breakfast skillets here. If those skillets are your idea of good breakfast food, you are welcome to them. For a Disney breakfast Trattoria is probably our #3 spot behind Topilino’s and Ale & Compass.

The dinner again is a unique menu of Italian dinners, and very good… No Olive Garden menu items here. For dinner, it would be in our top 6, but in the #5 or #6 position. Not the best Italian around town, but very good, especially for a Disney restaraunt.


You made me go and look at the menu. And I just don’t see the value or attraction.

The breakfast prices are insane, $16 for 2 eggs and sausage or bacon.

As for dinner, I found two entrees I’d eat, the strip steak or Parmesan chicken. I don’t eat fish and won’t eat veal on principle. Even the lasagne has veal in it.

Where else makes your list? Especially for dinner?

But you’ll pay $13 for a bounty platter at most QS so by comparison $16 for TS isn’t terrible for breakfast.


That’s true I guess.

Over the years that location has been hit or miss for us. When we were last there for breakfast in Sept 2021 it was by far our favorite location. The food was so good and the service was great. I’m a little nervous now that the chef has moved back to Flying Fish that it will change again and go downhill.


Yeah for normal pricing that’s ridiculous. But for Disney pricing it’s kind of a bargain.

TBH I wouldn’t probably get your basic eggs platter myself. Pricing is similar over at A&C and I definitely would get the chocolate waffles or the bacon blueberry pancakes for roughly the same price. My sister and I were excited to get out of a sit-down breakfast for under $40 even with tip.


Yes, we made that choice this week. Ale and Compass won the menu comparison.


You’re both having me reconsidering our Cape May breakfast in favor of A&C. Cape May has been a staple of ours for breakfast, but that’s when it was character dining. But since there are no characters Right now, that menu at Ale and Compass looks awfully good. Then again if they do bring back character dining my family will never let me live it down.

Ugh! So many decisions!


It would be a wise switch

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I would definitely switch to A&C if you want to stay in the BC/YC. If you did want a character breakfast Topolinos or Chef Mickey would be the best choices.


I have to agree.
In fact, after checking out the menus this morning, I chose Ale & Compass for a breakfast ADR over both Trattoria and Cape May.


Without characters is it $10 more per adult?

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75% of WDW restaurants are hit and miss with mass-produced inconsistency. So when we find something like Trattoria, it stands out. We have not had a bad meal there and we are adventurous eaters who love Italian food. The dinner menu appeals to us. The lasagna is probably something i wouldn’t order again. just not enough sauce for my liking, and my wife’s family recipe is much better. haha
Again, not the best Italian in Florida, but very good for Disney property.