Trash Can Table Time, it’s Trash Can Table Time

It’s quite possibly the best year Blast’s life: my AP year.

So, I’ve got my photopass photos downloaded, tea in my Trader Sams mug, and starting the first part of my Disney withdrawal management plan: the trip report (the second part is plan more trips). My TR are usually in La Cava (for pictures of my littles and language decisions) but I decided to clean it up for you all and post this one here!

DH and I returned last night from a 4 day, 3 night stay at the Villas at the Grand Floridian to celebrate our wedding anniversary! When I asked DH what he wanted to do at WDW this trip, he said “whatever you want to do is fine with me”. Cue evil laugh

The Plan

Day 1 - arrive at MCO about 9 am, pick up rental car (Turo), drop bags at VGF, head to MK, return to unpack a little at VGF at some point, EP for progressive F&W dinner

Day 2 - Boma breakfast 8:25 am, AK, hop to HS, EP, and finally MK for a 4 park day

Day 3 - Recover from previous day, pool, Trader Sams, Narcooses dinner and the EWP

Day 4 - WAT 8:45 am, stay at AK versus stop by DS before returning car by 2:30 pm for 4:15 pm flight home

The Prequel

Everyone was sick. DS3 got croup (again) and I stressed about whether he’d be better by the time we left. I stressed about the ENT suggesting a bronchoscopy and how much I didn’t want to do that. DH and DS6 had had gross cold symptoms for over a week, then got pink eye. They started eyedrops every 3 hours and oral antibiotics for sinus infections on Tuesday (our flight was Sunday AM). DS3 got better, then worse and coughed all night Friday. My parents arrived Saturday to stay with the kiddos and strict medication regimens - we’ve got eyedrops, antibiotics, nebulizer and low threshold for seeing the pediatrician. Then my front porch concrete cracked (thanks chipmunks) and I stressed about trick or treaters twisting an ankle and suing us. Every contractor is booked and won’t even do an estimate until January. Generally a cluster.

I was pretty anxious about leaving town, but if life stopped every time anything was messy we’d miss out on a lot. So we took the kids to the zoo for the Halloween event on Saturday where they both acted happy and well. They knew we were going on a trip to FL and when they asked what we were going, I said boring stuff like going to restaurants and stuff. DS6 had some additional questions but did not suspect our true destination. I actually got like 6 hours sleep before the 3:00 am alarm! Thanks melatonin. You’re the real hero.


Why does it always start this way. The sickness stress before a trip hits me every time. Someone inevitably gets some virus and it’s a gamble if we will be healthy before - or even during - the trip.

I know there is more to come - but I hope everyone recovered while you were gone and that DH felt well enough for the trip!


I was stressed out for you on your pre-trip run of coup & pink eye & concrete cracks (oh my!).

Glad you still were able to go & can’t wait to follow along. :slight_smile:


Oh, how your trip report title made me smile. I freaking love Molly and her husband together and Molly by herself all day long. I’m curious to see if there was really any trash can table time in your report. I can’t bring myself to do it. :laughing:
Looking forward to your adults only, anniversary trip.


I saw the title and thought of this:



Wow, I am SO sorry to hear about the cluster of stress before your trip!!! Gah! “Stay cool… stay cool… stay cool” (my internal monologue if that were to happen to me- followed by me definitely NOT keeping my cool).

Can’t wait to hear about your travels!


Now I’m singing along lol


I totally sang the title! :rofl:. Can’t wait to hear more of your trip!


I’m here! I always love your reports. Hope everyone is well now!!


Day 1

Lyft arrives 3:50 am for our 5:55 am flight. There’s only one place open for breakfast food at this hour and DH picks up two croissant breakfast sandwiches. Once we’ve boarded we dig in and laugh so hard when the “croissant” is a literal hamburger bun.

Blast: What is this, a $13 breakfast sandwich?

DH: $17…

I’ve been doing finger stretches to warm up since G+/ILL starts at 6:00 am CST. I snag Tron (3 pm) and GoTG (8 pm) while the plane is taking off. Already crushing it.

We were ready for our car before the 10 am start time, so we went over to the parking garage to await further instruction. There is nowhere to sit around there whatsoever - we ended up at a picnic table in the parking garage that must have been for rental car employees to use on break. It works! Our host gives us the car location and we are taking the “before” car photos for Turo at 9:55 am. We pick up an order of snacks and adult beverages from the Hunters Creek Target at 10:30 am and stop at Starbucks nearby for some caffeine and a breakfast sandwich.

Drove under the arch and officially in the bubble at 11 am! We unloaded the car at the main DVC building and did some luggage rearranging to be park ready. Stopped at Gasparilla Island Grill for some ice water to take with us, caught the boat, and tapped into MK right around noon.

The shirt was DH’s anniversary gift to me, and it’s perfect.

So, I had not planned on buying G+. This was a party day. But it turns out I’m a big baby. When we arrived at BTMR it was posted as 30 minutes. We got in line and I caved and bought G+, and booked POC for immediate return. Ended up waiting 43 mins for BTMR and that was the most I was willing to wait for anything on this trip. We got our room ready text at 12:45pm. Hit up POC (LL), Stop for spring rolls, then SM (LL), PM, Buzz (LL) and ILL for Tron!

Tron: a haiku
First launch so so good
But then it is pretty much over
Needs a second launch please

We agreed it would be worth doing again in the dark but not likely something I’ll pay $20 pp for in the near future.

We took a slight detour on the way out to stop at Storybrook Treats for a cup of lemon dole whip. My absolute favorite! Ate that while we leisurely strolled out of MK. While waiting for the boat to GF, snagged Remy at the drop!

The room: I requested 9514, and got 9518. The room has a gorgeous vaulted ceiling and is a non-standard configuration with a daybed sofa, and second sofa in the bay window and no balcony. I was initially miffed at the no balcony but truthfully we don’t spend a lot of time in the room. We ended up finding the bay window sofa and coffee table perfect for games on another day when it would have been too windy to play outside. It was very clean, it felt HUGE and the theming was lovely. I had two itsy bitsy eye twitches: a couple of the bath towels were fraying and had dangling strings. One of the pulls for the shades on the bay window had broken at some previous point and was “tied” back together. The coffeemaker area was really cute. It’s definitely a beverage cooler and not a fridge there - surprised me after having a legit dorm-like fridge at AOA. We added ziplocks of ice and salt which helped. It was super quiet even though our entry door was right into the central open foyer. I barely heard another soul and never heard the pool. Overall, one of my favorite rooms I’ve ever had at WDW.

After unpacking we headed for the monorail to the TTC then EP, where we had the loveliest evening! My goals were Soarin over California, Journey of Water after dark, GotG (duh!) and a roving F&W booth dinner. We achieved all of these things, plus Remy.

Trash can table time, it’s trash can table time! After this day I had DH singing it unprompted. My work here is done. For our very cheesy and delicious dinner, he had:

  • Brazil: Black lager
  • Morocco: Lamb kebabs (reliably delicious)
  • Greece: Griddled cheese
  • Stop in the best bathrooms (American Adventure)
  • Spain: Charcuterie in a cup, sangria flight
  • Japan: Fire roll, Momo amber ale
  • India: Crispy Cheese

Total of 3 trash can table times.

Highlight for me was all the cheese and the fire roll, plus both beers. I was disappointed in the Sangria after hearing good things - I found them too watered down and bland.

We hopped in the ILL for GotG right about 8:45 pm and I collected another song, I Ran! One more song and I’m Pokemoning. The other two adults in our ride vehicle begged the CM to go one more time but they politely said no. Monorail back to TTC then GF. We got back to the room by 9:30 pm and I realized my power bank and iPhone cable were missing. It had been in the side pouch of my loungefly. Of course, I somehow forgot to pack my second cable. DH called the front desk around 10 pm who advised there were cables in one of the stores but said store is now closed. Front desk offered to check and see if there happened to be an iPhone cable around and call us back but we never got a call. I didn’t really expect Mickey magic here.

I submitted a detailed lost item report with the times we rode Soarin, Remy and GoTG. My main concern at this point was the 7 am business for the next day! My phone went on airplane mode to prep for the next day: our 4 park day!


Every. Time.




That room looks amazing!


Nice! I feel like there should be some type of “achievement unlocked” here.


That room is lovely! Love your shirt.


Thank you! I had perfect ears to go with and in my excitement to get to MK left them behind :woman_facepalming:


It was great, and the AC override trick worked perfectly to keep it at 65. Nice crisp room to come home to!


Day 2

Note: We actually visited the parks in the same order as my shirt, which is very pleasing for a Type A person.

I was up at 6 am. Too excited to go back to sleep. Bought G+ and bided my time until 7 am. At go time I got GotG for later (I think 5 pm) and Tron for 8 pm (dark ride!). I booked LL for EE. As I was getting ready, I got an email saying they found my power bank and iPhone cord at EP! Score! My self-defined goals for the day was an attraction, a magic shot, and a snack and/or drink at each park.

We departed the room at 7:50 am to walk to the car and drive to AKL for 8:35 Boma breakfast. I was worried after Becky from TP had a poor experience last month, but everything was clean and well stocked. I remained “mouth hungry” (where I want to taste it but I’m actually full) but gave up on my second plate. It was very good and reasonably priced IMO. My favorite? Mickey waffles. The heart wants what it wants.

On the way out I took a “proof of life” photo of the giant bench my Mom moved in September 2022 when learning to drive the ECV. I cannot go into that lobby without laughing. Good news, she’s had cataract surgery and I’m optimistic to see her skills advance on a hopeful big family trip in 2025


We drove to AK and I bought preferred parking, which was totally worth it for a 4 park day. Plus, I used my Disney Visa rewards for it, so it was basically free. We have never driven around WDW, and it was really easy. This isn’t normally a good option for us with kids who need carseats, but for an adult only trip, surprisingly smooth. Definitely something to consider. Hard part is justifying the cost when I tend to stay in bubble because Disney.

On our way to the Tree of Life we saw DiVine. Hot take: she is scary.

We first found the photog with the magic shot with Hei Hei, rode EE (LL), booked NRJ, and walked the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Sidebar: as I lean into middle age, I really enjoy my hummingbird feeder and bird feeders in the backyard. I downloaded an app that ID’s birds by photo and/or sound which was so fun, and I fully intended to use the “free trial” week then cancel. As intended by capitalists I forgot to cancel. In any case, I used this app in the bird enclosure and found it to be accurate! If anyone is looking for a genuine photo and recording of the call of the Argus Pheasant, specifically Alfred, I have it.

I wanted to get a pic with Chip & Dale in their costumes, but the line was long. We got a good look at them though, and they are CUTE! Rode Dinosaur (SB, walk on) and tried to join the walk-up list for Nomad. For whatever reason I thought the list opened at 11 am, but it indeed opened at 10:30 am. We walked leisurely in that direction while I continued to try…and succeeded within 10 minutes. They posted a 25 minute wait when I joined the list at 11:02 am. We wandered some of the trails by the Tree of Life and said hello to that giant catfish, and got called for Nomad at 11:17 am.

We were seated inside which I was initially bummed about, but it was nice and cool in there. Plus, we were at the end of the giant table, and the other end had a very interesting group that I found quite entertaining. Let’s just say there was talk of “meetings” and they were maybe definitely in a cult.

We had the charcuterie which was great. I wasn’t a big fan of the drinks I had the first time (Snow Leopard Salvation and Jenn’s Tattoo) so I tried something new this time, the Boto-Rita. It was on the sweet side but I really liked it. I was stalking return times for RnRC and ToT the whole time, but they were totally stuck at 12-1:55 return times. DH laughed as I said G+ was just mocking me at this point! Rode NRJ around noon and headed to the car about 1 pm. I was able to grab a 2:05 LL for ToT. AK morning done! It was really chill and I reminded DH that we may have to hustle a little bit the best of the day. My secondary goal was to do this without DH hating me.


Preferred parking was basically parallel to the entrance for the skyliner station. We moseyed towards the gates, went through security, and loitered. CM at the taps announced “any hoppers?” at 1:46 per my phone, and we were in! It was…boiling out there.

Straight to Hollywood Blvd for our magic shot. Plan was to tap into ToT, try and grab RnRC and bide our time between rides at the Brown Derby walk up bar. I was able to snag a 3 pm RnRC after tapping into ToT. We had a solid 45+ minutes to spare before RnRC and headed towards the Tune In Lounge for a break. I had only gotten a To-Go drink there in August and loved the decor, and it’s inside! As we headed that way, RnRC went down and converted to a MEP. I decided to use our lounge break to decide what to do with it.

The Tune In Lounge didn’t have seats, but it was nice and cool. I found something on the menu that sounded good if they could make it sans blue curacao, so I asked and the bartender said sure! He asked if I had an allergy or what, and I said “Disney loves blue curacao. I do not” and he laughed. So, the Indigo Hibiscus without blue curacao is good, and a lovely lavender color.

After probably 5 minutes of standing at the bar a couch opened up! RnRC was still down. MMRR was an option, but since we had achieved the required activities in HS and our next food stop was EP, I decided our best option was to ask to have the MEP converted to MK (because we just didn’t need it for EP). I specifically remembered a blue tent being right near Keystone Clothiers but it was not there. So, we went off to the Guest Relations Lobby. The line isn’t long but it seemed like these people in front of us had complex problems.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long. I told the Triage CM in my nicest nicest voice that I had this MEP from RnRC being down, but can’t use it because we are leaving to go to MK. She said “we don’t usually do that, but I’ll ask” then waved me in and they changed it easy peasy. Many thanks! Honestly, it costs them nothing to do this and makes me so happy. G+ was $62 for the two of us for the day and I’m thankful they could throw us a bone.

On our way out we took a bonus magic shot! Headed to the car about 3:45 pm.


We got a Front. Row. Parking. Spot. 3:50 pm. That’s right! Amazing! Feelin’ like a celebrity!

Annnd the the vibe was checked when I realized I wasn’t sure where to fetch my battery pack and iPhone cable. I chose wrong by waiting in line at the Guest Relations outside the gates.

Tapped into EP and tried to grab a magic shot, but the photog we got only had the Fish Eye. He told us which photog had the magic shot I wanted though. We took pictures anyway, and headed to the correct Guest Services (the one with the lobby, now I know!) and retrieved my lost items. Next, an important stop at Creations for my AP Oswald Magnet, and…

Trash Can Table Time, it’s Trash Can Table Time!

This time, we had:

  • Flavors from Fire: Impossible Burger
  • Fry Basket: Pickle Fries and Salt & Lime Lager

As a carnivore, I found the Impossible Burger to be really good! I don’t like pickles much but I like fried things, so that was good, and I liked the beer too. Time for a visit to Push the trash can (took me a minute to find…he’s a little inconspicuous!). DH was underwhelmed. His loss.

We sat front row on Three Cabelleros, and in the second row was a tween who proclaimed “this is so lame. It is even worse than the one with all the dolls”, and you know what? This is what’s wrong with youths these days. They can’t appreciate a cultural journey with a fantastic catchy song. I can only hope by the time my boys are that age, they’ll at least suck it up and not talk.

The plan was to head to the Refreshment Outpost for the Watermelon Hibiscus Lager. Waited in line, and they were out, sad panda. I made a quick recovery because Joy of Tea had something I had been wanting to try - the Honey Hibiscus Hard Tea. Here I took the wrong straw. Not the straw that is big enough for Boba. The small straw, that sort of makes them collapse if you try hard enough. Learn from me, there are two straw types at the Joy of Tea. Ah well. It was good, not great. Back towards GotG-ish.

For our second Trash Can Table Time:

  • Hawaii: Pork Slider and SPAM Sushi

This is the second time I’ve had SPAM and the second time I’ve had this dish. I don’t know if I like SPAM but I like SPAM Sushi. Finally rode GotG (ILL) to round out our EP experience, and headed out. Short walk to that car…


Back in the car about 6:20 pm for a quick break in the room before heading out for our final park. DH removed his shoes and I declared that was suicide! I would never get them back on! I had booked SM for some later time and planned to use the MEP to ride immediately, then get the magic shot by Tron, ride Tron, and catch HEA from Fantasyland.


Grabbed the boat to MK (love the breeze on those boats). We arrived at SM about 8:15 to see it was down, so we moved on and got the magic shot by Tron, and got in the ILL line for Tron. In the loading zone for Tron there was some kind of delay, they ran a couple trains empty and I got nervous…but we were able to ride. It is better in the dark.

We were getting off Tron at 8:03 and I made a liner mistake. We should have exited via Storybrook Circus, but we took the long way to Fantasyland and arrived at 8:08 pm. I have never watched the fireworks from Fantasyland and we did not have an optimal spot but it was still great. So chill back there, and plenty of space to cry without disturbing anyone. ! I bawled my eyes out into a cooling towel. Blast you, HEA! What’s a 4 park day without some tears???

Once I recovered, we’re left with 2.5 hours of park time and two MEPs. It’s time to book and burn baby! Booked HM, but DH was intimidated by the LL line, so we moved on. We used one of our MEPs to ride BTMR (love it at night). I had put in a Casey’s mobile order in the line, but by the time we got off, our window had expired whomp whomp. Luckily we could reorder easily, and have our final snack of the day: Chipotle BBQ Loaded Fries with a side of Cheese Fries. At this point I’m banking on some adrenaline and the power of Fries to get DH to do what I want. We make it to HM (LL), then use up our MEP at SM to end the night. We left the park about 10:35 pm.

Final counts:

31000 steps (13 miles and almost 13 hours from AK tap in to MK tap out)
72 total photopass photos (6 magic shots, if you include the Fish Eye)
11 rides
3 F&W booths
2 lounges
1 sit down meal


Same. I now have three feeders and upgraded from one to two humming birds this year!

Amazing four-in-one day and something for me to strive for!


Thank you! It was a great day!