Transportation with young kids

Hi Everyone! You are all such a wealth of information, so I’m hoping you can help me decide on what to do! We (DH, DMIL, DDs 2&7) are staying at AOA in September. We are going to Sea World 9/29. We weren’t planning to rent a car and wanted to avoid dealing with car seats if possible. Would you: rent a car; use public transit; or use a shuttle service like one of the following: or
Thanks so much for your input!!!

Are you trying to avoid bringing car seats with you? We rented a car on our last trip. We also rented two car seats from the car rental place (Budget). They were clean and easy to install properly. They also were not that expensive. If you don’t want to deal with car seats at all, you would have to use a shuttle or taxi.

Thanks, Geoffrey! My TA was going to arrange a Mears shuttle - but said it would likely just be a car so I’d have to bring car seats. That’s fine - but what do I do with the car seats once I get to Sea World (I assume it is not the same car coming back to get us)? Orlando Taxi Service also has car seats available, I’ve just never heard of them and wondered if anyone else had experience with them.

Based on the web site it seems like it would work perfectly. Haven’t had any experience with them though. Also, from what I’ve read Seat Belt Laws and Car Seat Laws don’t apply to passengers of Taxis and Shuttles. But don’t quote me on that. Even so, I’d definitely want a car seat for my kids.