Transportation to Tyhpoon Lagoon

We are staying at AoA next week. I know there isn’t direct busing to Typhoon Lagoon. Am I corrected that we go through Disney Springs? Anyone have a rough travel estimate? We want to get there at 8:30 and will leave around 1:30. Thanks! I should add that I am considering Uber for the way home and am thinking of toughing it out in the AM>

We were there at the beginning of the month, and yes, we had to go through disney springs. This was an extra pain for us, as we were going direct from MK, which meant we had to take the monorail to a resort, then catch the bus from there. I messed up and didn’t realize this, and thought there’d be a bus at TTC, so we boated to TTC, just to monorail to resort to catch a bus to DS, to change buses to TL. Ugh.

I thought I read that before 1:00 you do not have to get off at DS and change buses but after 1:00 you do?

Was it a dream I had or after 2pm do you have to take an bus from Typhoon Lagoon to Epcot and then catch a bus from Epcot back to your hotel? Sorry if I’m way out here on this, reality and my dreams about Disney World are really running together the closer I get to my trip.

Hi @roberca1

I clipped the below article from The Dis and I remember it being reported in other places.

New bus routes are being introduced for the Walt Disney World water parks.

Beginning May 29, guests will need to take a bus to Disney Springs to get to Typhoon Lagoon from a resort. After 1:00pm, guests will need to transfer to a different bus at Disney Springs. Before 1:00, they will remain on the same bus.

For guests traveling to Blizzard Beach, they will need to take a bus to Animal Kingdom and then transfer to a new bus there.

I don’t have any first hand experience getting to and from the water parks but I hope this helps you.

They changed everything in May and seemed to make it even more difficult!