Transportation to MK from Dolphin

I will add that I think YC is easier (ground level) and no DVC owners are paying for any part of the buses but that is my personal issue.

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I agree with @PrincipalTinker. We preferred using YC buses. I tried both last Swan trip and it is a little bit closer to BW, it seemed more crowded and took longer. And not worth the few steps saved.

Do they actually charge DVC owners this in their dues? That seems crazy. Those aren’t dedicated buses for Boardwalk are they? Anyone can take the bus from a park to the Boardwalk.

Disney Vacation Club 2023 Annual Dues Released | - The essential Disney Vacation Club resource!.

Disney Vacation Club dues cover the operating costs of the resort (employees, park transportation, housekeeping, utilities, etc.) as well as property taxes and some allocation for long-term repairs and upgrades.

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I wonder how they even figure an amount. According to Disneys own website all Disney transportation is free to all guests visiting the parks. That’s unfair to charge it to DVC owners seperately. :disappointed_relieved:

We timed the walk at 10 min (average walking speed, with a 6 and 8yr old) from Dolphin to YC bus stop. It was easy to find: head out of the hotel towards the boat dock/exit that goes past The Fountain/Bluezoo, and cross the Swolphin bridge towards YC. We turned left before the first YC building (small path that leads past the quiet pool and into the YC parking lot, which you cross until you get to the bus stop). I understand that you can also walk through the YC lobby but it’s a few more steps that way around.

There are maps and photos somewhere inside the very extensive Swolphin thread on Disboards.

We used the bus twice to get to MK and found it fast and easy, though I have read on the Forum that those who have timed both say it’s not a big difference between that and taking the Swolphin bus + ferry or monorail. We preferred sticking to one mode of transport at RD, but the latter option might be better for those who want to cut down on walking.

We took the Swolphin bus back from TTC after MK, which can be useful for families with small kids who fall asleep on buses (like ours did) - I can carry a 6-yr old up to the room from the lobby, but not from YC bus stop to Dolphin :slight_smile:

We did not try the Swolphin bus service to AK as we only hopped there from other parks, but have read from others that it’s efficient.

For Epcot and DHS the boat was so convenient that we didn’t even end up walking (which we had done from BW on past trips).


This is the only way we’ve done it. I love that lobby and theme.

Thanks everyone! Love hearing the different experiences and lessons. It’s clear there are multiple ways to get to BW or YC buses. After all the explanations, I’m still confused about the easiest way to get to the BW buses, and believe the YC path seems much simplier without risk of getting lost. And considering I’m not a morning person, I think YC is probably the best plan for me. Thank you all!!

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This is an angle from a balcony overlooking the village green (the area leading to the stairs). I don’t think it will help, but it might. From the Boardwalk (the water area) you see the surrey bike rental area on the boardwalk )