Transportation questions AS Sports

been looking online and in here - and want to make sure i understand what we will need to do for our trip…

From our resort - we can use the busses to get to the different parks to and from… but if we have dining reservations at disney springs or other resorts we would need to either cab, lyft, uber or minnie bus to there, correct?
Or would we be able to take the busses to the closest park then take other trans - monorail, boat etc to those destinations?

What is the preferred method?

There are buses to Disney Springs from resorts.

For other resorts you pretty much nailed it. Either Uber/Lyft or Minnie Van, or head to a park and go from there. Ideally go from the park you’ve been visiting, unless you’re going back for a nap / pool time etc.


time-wise - assuming the non disney transportation would be faster than bussing then walking or taking other trans?

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You can also take a bus from the parks to DS after 4:00.