Transportation Question from Swan to MK

Hi all,

I have a trip coming up in May & my crew is staying at the Swan for the first time. I was told that the resort buses are currently not stopping there. Due to this, I am planning on renting a vehicle for transportation to and from the parks. However, since parking is so far away and time consuming at MK, I was wondering if there was a better/faster way to get to and from that park? Is is an option to walk to the beach or yacht club & catch a bus from there?!? We are usually there early for RD.

Thanks in advance!!!

The Swan buses are going to the TTC. If you drive you will pay the nightly Swan parking fee and will have to park at the TCC. You could also walk to the YC and get the bus there.

I know others will tell you to walk to the BW and get the bus there but part of my DVC dues pays for transportation so I am being selfish today…:grinning:

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Ok, my initial thought was to walk to the YC, but I wasn’t sure how stringent they were on guests catching buses at resorts they’re not staying at right now.

Thanks for the input.

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