Transportation Q's

I wanted to make sure I understood the transportation system correctly and run this by everyone for efficiency.

We are staying at an Art of Animation suite, but would like to visit the Grand Floridian resort to see the gingerbread house and eat at Narcoossee’s. We will be headed there late afternoon after an afternoon break at AoA, then heading back to MK for MVMCP. So if I have this right the plan is to take the bus from AoA to the entrance of MK where we will take the monorail to Grand Floridian. That way we can be dropped off close to the main lobby to see the gingerbread house before dinner. Sound good so far? After dinner at Narcooseee’s, we will take the boat back to MK since it’s so close to the restaurant. Does that sound right? I’ve tried hard to keep our transportation simple since this will be our first trip. The rest of our days we will just eat where we are. I just don’t want to make any critical mistakes. Would you suggest anything else? We will have our car and two kids. :wink:

Oh and I can’t seem to find out when the gingerbread house is open for the season. It seems like it is frequently November 16th. All the above would take place on the 17th, but I suppose it could be moved to the 19th if need be.

Your plan is great. I always look at Disney transportation as another attraction and enjoy the “going”.
It really will all make much more sense when you see everything.

Your transportation plan sounds good. We were there during those dates last year. We had dinnr at Citrico’s on the 16th (which I like better than Narcoossee’s) and the gingerbread house was up, but it did not “officially open” until the 22nd. When we went back on the 21st for V&A, the tree was still not up.

Just my opinion here, but I don’t think I would do a signature dinner before a party night. The earliest ADR you’ll be able to get is 5:30. Dinner will be at least 90 min (for me, typically 2 hours or more) which means it will be pushing 8:00 by the time you finish eating, walk to the boat, wait for it, cross the lagoon, and walk to the park entrance. If I was paying the crazy party ticket prices, I’d want to be entering at 4:00 to get the most out of them.

I love signature dining, and it’s a regular part of my WDW trips - but I typically plan it at the end of the day as an event to be enjoyed in and of itself and not just as a meal between other events. But that’s just me…

A question for you - will you have kids with you?

Those might be things to consider. We are still going to MK during the morning hours so the ticket price isn’t a big deal but time might be. We have the deluxe dining package, mainly for convenience, but I also want to make the most of it. We only plan to do two meals each day, with some snacking in between if need be, but most meals will be character or signature meals. I would say we would switch it to another day, but unless we came from our resort I don’t know if we would be dressed appropriately.

We will have two kids with us, ages five and ten. I know kids are in all restaurants at WDW, but is there a reason we shouldn’t take them to Narcoossee’s? They are both well behaved and we have never hesitated to take them anywhere. In fact, they are often less tolerant of other children’s poor behavior than I am. lol

No special reason not to take them to Narcoossee’s. Was just thinking that if they were all excited about going to the MK they might not be in the best mind set for a longer “fancy” dinner. Narcoossee’s is one of the more “casual” signatures, so it is probably a better choice than most for kids.