Transportation options from Portofino to the parks

How often do the boats leave Portofino for the parks. What about the buses? How long does the boat ride take? The buses? Which form of transportation is best? Would it be faster to walk? What about transportation between Portofino and Volcano Bay?

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There’s a shuttle bus from Portofino to Hard Rock to Volcano Bay, every 15 mins.

We went during a high crowd time (Thanksgiving) and found that it was very easy to get by boat from the hotel to the parks, but coming home there were big lines when the hotels let out. But still it wasn’t anything near as long as a WDW wait for buses can be. I’d say maybe on the way over in the morning the whole thing took maybe 20 - 30 min, going back at night maybe 45 min to an hour. There is also the option of walking which really isn’t that bad. It’s very pretty and the paths are well marked.


I would say the boat ride took about 10 minutes to the dock, and then you would have to walk another three to five minutes to the park entrance, depending on which park you’re going to. I never tried to take the buses, as I found the boats to be very easy and relaxing. I also walked a couple times. The walk took about 15 minutes and was very pretty.


Would your advice be any different with an EVC in tow? Does the boat or bus take longer with an EVC? Would “walking” with it be shorter?

I don’t know, but I suspect that walking with it would be shorter. It’s really a nicely laid out path. However, since I didn’t have ECV or wheelchair with us, it’s possible that I missed something that others would have noticed.

if your ECV goes as slowly as the one my mother-in-law had on our last trip, walking would definitely take longer. I walk at a decent clip and found the walking path convenient, but if I had to go at the speed her ECV went, I would rather take the boat.

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