Transportation options between Disney Resort and Port Canaveral for non-Disney cruis?

Senerio: 2 adults in the party are heading out for a non-Disney cruise mid Disney trip. What is the best way to get to and from Port Canaveral? Looking for reliability and moderately priced.

So, immediately I think a main stream ride share would be the best but what if no driver wants to make that drive?

I don’t want any headaches in the morning but the most reliable options I find are $300-$400 RT :grimacing: could stomach $300 if I had to.

Any thought on alternatives I’m missing? I considered sending them to MCO and take the cruise shuttle to port but that saves only a little money and adds complication and time in my mind.

Where are these two adults starting from? I ask in case they have an easy way to get to MCO. From MCO, DH and I usually use Cortrans shuttle service from MCO to the ship, and return.

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We very easily got Lyfts between the Miami cruise terminal and Fort Lauderdale airport. I think it’s probably roughly the same distance. Uber/Lyft have mechanisms to prevent drivers from refusing too many rides and I would also think that those rides are relatively lucrative so I don’t think there needs to be an expectation that no one will pick you up.


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Thats good to here. Some people on FB were acting like the drivers would drop the trip once they realized how far it was. This would be the preferable method.

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