Transportation issues for dining

We had a trip planned for October, but a death in the family two days before our check-in forced us to reschedule the trip to the last week of January.

I have two questions about transportation related to dining at resorts. We’re staying at Pop Century.

  1. We’re planning to go to the Topolino’s Terrace character breakfast at the Riviera on an Epcot day. For the October trip, this was easy. We would have taken the Skyliner from Pop to the Riviera, then after eating, we would have taken the Skyliner from the Riviera to Epcot.

We can’t do that in January, because the Skyliner route from CBR to Epcot (with the Riviera along the way) will be closed for maintenance. What do we do instead? Will the Riviera let us park our car there for the dining reservation? If not, what are our options? There are no Disney buses that travel from one resort to another.

  1. On another day, we plan to start at Animal Kingdom and hop to Magic Kingdom around the middle of the day. But we want to eat lunch at Geyser Point in between the two. What’s the best way to do this?

I know it would be easy with Disney transportation – just take a bus from Animal Kingdom to Wilderness Lodge, eat at Geyser Point, then take the boat to the Magic Kingdom. But our experience with Disney bus transportation in the past has compelled us to avoid them in favor of a rental car for most days, especially when Animal Kingdom is one of the waypoints.

So will Wilderness Lodge let us park there for the walk-up waitlist lunch at Geyser Point? It’s not like we have an ADR we can refer to. If not, I was thinking we could drive from Animal Kingdom to the TTC (Ticket and Transportation Center), but I don’t know if there is direct transportation from the TTC to Wilderness Lodge. If not, then we’ll have to drive from Animal Kingdom to the TTC, then take the monorail, bus, or boat from the TTC to Magic Kingdom, and finally hop on a different boat to get to Wilderness Lodge/Geyser Point. Unless there’s some other solution…?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Yes you can park your car there for dining

  2. You may encounter some pushback for parking without a reservation (and you can’t have a reservation for Geyser Point). It seems very guard-dependent as to whether you’ll be allowed entry. In which case you will have to, as you say, park at TTC, get over to MK, and from MK get boat or bus to WL.

Thanks for your reply, OBNurse. I appreciate your advice. Maybe I can rearrange that AK/MK day somehow to avoid the transportation hassle…

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