Transportation - hotel boat loop + DS buses

I haven’t seen a thread on this lately, so hopefully y’all can help–

What’s the latest on the resort boats from/to Wilderness Lodge > Contemporary > MK? Are those back up and running now?

Backstory: We’ve got a trip coming up (split-stay between CC and AKL-K), and we want to spend our afternoon at the pool, and then head to Trader Sam’s for tiki drinks. I’d usually go WL > CR via boat, and then monorail to the Poly. Is that still doable? (I don’t care so much about how long it takes. This trip is going to be our most leisurely, laziest one yet.)

Also, I can’t for the life of me remember if it’s better (possible?) to get to Disney Springs from a resort or from the parks. I have a vague memory that buses don’t run from the parks to DS.

Backstory here: On our resort change day, we want to go to DS, but first to HS. Can we bus directly to DS from HS, or do we have to Skyliner to RR and then take a bus? (Or should we just Uber?)

Resort yes, from start of day

Parks I believe is still after 4 only?

Regarding the resort boats I don’t think they are running as yet, but someone else will need to confirm. I would boat to MK and walk to CR

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Resort boats are not currently running. I was told it’s due to staffing shortages, but they should be back up soon. That was 2 months ago so no idea what Disney considers soon. I’m waiting for the OKW/SSR/DS boats to start running myself.

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Blegh! Okay — then I guess we will boat to MK and then Monorail to Poly. I did hear correctly that it’s now stopping there again, right?


The Sassagoula River boats from OKW/SSR and POR/POFQ should presumably start running again once the Port Orleans resorts reopen next month.

But they are paid for by the Disney Springs businesses, so ultimately it isn’t Disney’s call, although I guess they can exert pressure.

I think that just reopened, yes Should be fine by the time you get there


Yes Poly monorial is open now.


I have a similar question –

are the Epcot “friendship boats” running? I especially am interested in the ones between the boardwalk-area hotels (We’ll be at the Swan) and Epcot. Thanks!

Yes, the friendship boats that go on Crescent Lake are running. They are the ones that connect EP to HS with stops at YC/BC, BWI, and Swan/Dolphin.

Within EP, the only friendship boat running on the lagoon is the one from the Canada side of World Showcase Plaza to Morocco. The other one (Mexico side of Plaza to Germany) has not run for the past few years.

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Thank you!

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