Transportation from Tampa

Hi everyone!

Planning a late February trip to the World in connection with a conference in Tampa. Does anyone have suggestions on the best ground transportation options from Tampa to WDW? Renting a car for the one way trip is only slightly less expensive than the Uber estimate, so I’m thinking of using Uber to avoid the hassle of returning the rental car. Any thoughts out there?

Thanks in advance!

I would just suggest that traffic on the road between Tampa and Orlando can be quite congested at times. You may need to factor that into the Uber estimate.

We just drove from Tampa to Orlando in Dec. (rental car) and at one point GoogleMaps actually directed us off the highway into the swampy backcountry to skirt around some traffic congestion. Kind of cool - saw a bit of the “wilder” side of central Florida! But yes, the drive overall took us longer than we had planned for.