Transportation from Swan

Are they bus stops from the Swan?


And a boat dock shared with the Dolphin for boats to DHS and Epcot.

Although either is walkable too, depending on how mobile your group is.

We were at the Dolphin this past May, and it is an easy walk to either the Epcot International gate entrance or Hollywood Studios. Boats are also available to both of these parks if you don’t want to walk. You need to take busses to MK of AK, but we just used Lyft/Minnie Vans for convenience for those two parks. Minnie Van for MK since it drops you off right in front of the park entrance. It was worth the extra charge IMO…

SwAn and dolphin share buses each with their own stop. It is a closet walk to Epcot Than to hs. If you just missed the boat to Hs Or Epcot i would walk it because you will likely beat the next boat. Mk buses seemed to come pretty frequent during our stay, but when we didn’t rope drop for AK we used Uber due to slow early am buses.

I just stayed at the Dolphin at the beginning of September and I was a little disappointed with the buses. It seemed like every time we got to the bus stop, the screen said the next bus was about 10-15 minutes away. Great, right? Except every minute or two that passed, the ETA would increase by a minute or 2 so it was perpetually 10-15 minutes away. We learned after the first couple times that the bus was not actually on its way until the ETA got to under 10 minutes away. Average wait for a bus was probably 25-30 minutes, which wouldn’t have been too bad if the screens could accurately predict so you could go back in the hotel and get a drink/snack/etc.

I haven’t stayed anywhere else recently, but it seems like reports from other resorts have similar issues with buses. The nice thing at Swan/Dolphin is that coming back from a park, if a bus pulls up for Boardwalk/Yacht Club/Beach Club, you can just take that and then have a little walk from there instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that next bus will arrive soon for Swan/Dolphin.

Thanks for all the replies!