Transportation from SNA to Disneyland: Recommendations?

We are planning on getting a shuttle or using a car service to get to and from John Wayne Airport to Grand Californian. The service that we used in 2017 does not come up in my search. (as I mentioned below, I found them)
Anyone with recommendations?

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I’ve used SNA Shuttle twice now & have them booked for my upcoming trip. For 1-2 people it’s $114 round trip. Don’t know how much for more than 2.


Thank you. Is that the actual name, SNA Shuttle? I tried to search for it, but not finding it. I will try again, but I thought that I would ask.

And, I just found the place that we used in 2017. Round trip for 3 people in a town car, $148.

Was the shuttle for more than one group?

NOT Karmel Shuttle.
Do not add it to your DLR package.
Use a service recommended here and buy it separately.

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Good to know. I had been thinking of calling Disneyland and adding it. Thank you.

We had excellent service from Anaheim Town Car- Jag Transportation in 2017. Just checked on tripadvisor and the reviews are still outstanding.
I would prefer a town car over a shuttle with multiple groups. I will wait a bit and see if anyone has any other recommendations.

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Yes, it’s SNA Shuttle - website They don’t currently have shared shuttle service, so would be only your group in a large SUV.


You probably don’t want to use rideshare given your question, but I have used both Uber and Lyft from SNA to Disneyland and it is super easy and relatively cheap.


Same. I used lyft twice in the last month from SNA to Disneyland. Easy and inexpensive and I felt perfectly safe. You might need an XL for three adults with luggage though.