Transportation from Port to WDW

Can anyone give me a general idea of what time the ground transfers arrive at WDW Resorts from Port Canaveral?
I want to book FFP+ for that day, but need an idea of what time we'll be getting there.

Thanks! smile

I'm interested in this answer as well. I can somewhat guess - My DH and I went on the Fantasy in February and left from POR - I believe it took about 90 mins or so to get to the Port.

But you want the other way's what I know.

I believe there were two times to leave the ship - 7:30am and 8am. We chose the later as we were just going back to the airport ( frowning ) but those that were going to WDW took the 7:30am transfer. My guess is that it gets you to your resort around 9am - but that is in a perfect world with perfect traffic wink

PS - we're going on the Dream in January 2015 from BWV and then returning to OKW so I'm very interested in information on returning from a DC to a resort!

It depends on which dining seating you have. you will eat according to that on the departure day and busses will load up after each seating. 2nd dining gets kicked off around 9am-930am expect the bus to leave for WDW by 10ish and arrive around 11-1130 depending on the resort.

First dining gets to eat at 645am and gets the boot at around 8-830ish. really at that point you can't do anything but wander around the ship, rooms are to be cleared and all that. you could stay on till the 2nd seating leaves but there isn't much to do.

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Strange - we were the second seating for dinner and my DH and I were the only ones that ate at that seating. I'm trying to remember the choices we were given for breakfast but I do remember "running into" two of our table mates in the main lobby area and they were off and running to the WDW tranfer. I want to say 7:30am - I guess I'm waaaay off!

@poisonapple Sorry for giving you miss-information, my first DC was in February so I need a few more under my belt before I should open my mouth open_mouth

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You can carry ALL your own bags off and be one of the first off the boat- or have breakfast / meet bags off the boat and not be.

You don't HAVE to eat breakfast at the sit down restaurant if you don't want to. If you want to skip breakfast altogether and just get off the ship you're more than welcome to do that. You can also grab breakfast at the buffet restaurant on board, which gives you a bit more flexibility as far as time goes.

The buses are there and waiting for those going back to the airport, they just wait for them to fill before they depart (just like magical express). I think during the booking process you'll receive information about departure times for your DCL to WDW transfers.

Good info. Thanks! We may just grab something and go... But if we're going to be sitting on the bus waiting for everyone else to eat and load up, me may as well eat too! smiley

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Thanks, everyone! I'll start booking FP around 11:30 or 12. It won't kill me to miss one if we don't get there til a little later, I guess!

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When's your cruise? Are you going on the Fantasy or Dream?

The buffet always seems to have more options, the breakfast at the restaurants always seems to be pretty boring on the departure day and the atmosphere in the dining room is, understandably, chaotic. The worst part is, no room service on departure day frowning which means no coffee delivery frowning the first indication that you're back to "real life"!

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We will be on the Wonder. Oct 6-10.

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Ugh, real life! ... That's why we're heading BACK to WDW after the cruise smile

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