Transportation from Pop?

If trying to get to Morning hours at HS from pop century. What’s is quickest? Bus or skyliner? Does anyone know what the earliest bus pickup is? Thanks for your tips!

The only transportation from Pop to HS or EP is the Skyliner, unless it’s down due to high winds or lightning.


Do they not run busses as well?

They do busses as well. I would say Uber for $10 bucks though if it were me. That way you can dial in your time well.

They only run buses (to EP and HS) if they Skyliner isn’t running. Check your in-room phone in the morning, because if they Skyliner is down or delayed in opening, there will be a message on your phone letting you know. In such cases, they will run buses instead.

When we stayed in Pop, 3 of our 7 mornings, I believe it was, the Skyliner had a delayed opening so we would have had to take a bus to HS or EP instead. There was no rain, lightning or anything…I think it was due to excessive dew or something, leaving the gondolas in need of drying out…but I don’t know for sure.


Good point. I wasn’t aware of the weather driving the busses. I guess the liner was down the last time I was at Pop for HS. Good to know.

Skyliner from Pop to HS for early morning was good for us. We were in the line for skyliner before 7 (6:50ish maybe?) and it started moving with people on it right before 7:30. I anticipated a wait at CBR when we changed lines but there was none to speak of. Taps were open when we arrived and we walked straight into the MMRR line (made the first pre-show group) at 7:48 for 8:30 EE.

So if you actually want to be crazy early and get there when security opens, skyliner might not do it.

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