Transportation from Parks

Hello! We are planning a trip for Spring break and one of our days is in Epcot with a special tour scheduled. We have reservations at HDDMR at 4:00. We are concerned about the travel time and was wondering if there were cabs waiting at Epcot or if we could hire a limo to take us from Epcot to HDDMR. Help! And thank you,


What time will your tour be done, and where will you end up? There is a direct bus from the EP main entrance to Fort Wilderness.If you are in WS, then going out the IG to the BC and getting a cab or Uber there might be your best option.

My brother and my nephew are doing the Epcot Seas Aqua tour at the main tank in Nemo and Friends. It ends at 3:00pm. That means we have an hour from Pavillion to door. We have a group of 10 with ages from 6 to 75 so I’m not sure we will be able to hoof it across World Showcase and I worry about bus times. : / … I never plan things this close, but it was a last minute request for my nephew’s birthday.

Remember there is an internal bus at Fort Wilderness as well. The cab can only bring you to the entrance area I believe. Then you will need a bus to bring you to the revue.

Ouch that’s a tight time frame. Can you get a later HDDMR??

Does this include the time it takes to shower and get dressed? That could add an additional 10-15 min to the “tour time”.

I think you should split your group. Have 8 of the 10 get there in plenty of time to make the ADR and have the other two meet you there as quickly as they can after the tour. No first-hand experience, but if 8 of you are there to check in and you tell them that 2 got hung up at EP and are getting there as quickly as possible, I don’t think it would be an issue. It’s been years (OK, decades) since I’ve been to the HDRR, but I don’t remember it being the kind of “show” where they close the doors and don’t let anyone in late.

For what it’s worth, if you cab to Fort Wilderness, you arrive at the front and then have to take a bus to the HDDR building. I wonder if it is faster if you take a cab to the Contemporary Resort and then take the boat to Fort Wilderness, since the boat drops you off much closer to HDDR. Maybe someone else with more experience can comment.

To answer all questions:

No, unfortunately we can not get a later reservation.
The end time of the tour does not include showering, dressing and et cetera.

It is possible to separate the group, but one of the individuals in the tour is the birthday boy and I don’t really want him to miss out on anything at HDDMR since they are acknowledging his birthday.

I just don’t think there is anyway to make it work unless we can have a cab or limo meet us at the front of the park/main entrance.

Thank you all so much for helping me with this!!!

I hate to say it, but I think you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one; you’ll either have to cancel the tour or accept the fact that he will probably be a little bit late for the HDDR. If there was a car waiting to take off as soon as he showered, dressed, and made it to the cabstand, and if there was no unusual traffic, and if a FW internal bus was pulling out of the stop just in time for him to get on it then maybe he could make it by 4:00 - but that’s a lot of “and ifs”. Unfortunately, the HDDR is probably the most inconvenient place in all of WDW to get to, unless you are coming from the MK, CR, or WL…

Have you tried TP reservation finder for a 615 show? I just got mine a few days ago for March (party of 6).

I totally understand what you are saying about not wanting to “leave behind” the birthday boy, but given that he is going to likely be late either way, I think you should re-visit splitting up the group. If 8 out of 10 of you are there ahead of time to register and get seated and perhaps order drinks before the show starts, then all Dad and birthday boy need to do is locate the rest of the party and sit down. It’s also easier to run for that departing bus or not have to coordinate 3 cabs if there are only 2-3 people running late.

My experience at Disney is they won’t seat you until your whole party is present. Although I am not sure if HDDR follows that same policy since it is prepaid and a show.

Thank you all so much for your help on this! Planning this trip has been a thorn in my side and it has scrambled my brain. I didn’t even THINK about showering and such afterwards assuming that it was figured into the tour time. I also didn’t know anything about how transportation worked inside the Campsites.

With your guidance I was able to switch the plans around to accommodate easier travel and get everybody what they want (am I done yet?!). I put EP with the tour on a different day and we are now touring MK and then on to the HDDMR.

I can not thank you enough!!!

That is great. Good that the days switched.

Going from the MK on the boat to the campgrounds is the BEST way to get to HDDMR. I am sure you will have an awesome trip, especially with all of the pre-planning. It will pay off.