Transportation from MCO to Uni and later to Wdw?

Hey guys, what transportation would y’all suggest to get from MCO to Universal? And then the next night from Universal to WDW? We don’t want to rent a car and there’s 7 of us. Thanks!

Taxi or Urber But for 7 I would look at town cars also as some of them will do a grocery stop. The MCO shuttle is $20 each so very expensive. Mears web site has prices for taxis etc. Uber is cheaper but I’ve never used them.

I would guess a car hire would be the best option for so many people, but cost wise a car rental would be the cheapest option. I think if you can find a car service that can fit 10 they usually run about $125 for a round trip. Not sure if they would consider MCO>UNI>WDW a round trip since you can take MDE back to MCO but it would be work inquiring. Tiffany Town car is the one I see mentioned most often.

Thanks y’all I was thinking hired too. Don’t think we’d fit all of our luggage in a town car but maybe a van? I don’t get how they charge so much for a shuttle. I guess if your a small group it makes sense.

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One of the car hire companies is on site at disney so if you hire from them at airport you can return at WDW once you get there. You will be charged car parking at uni hotels its about $20 per night.

Check out our updated UOR Transportation page:

Wow! I never would have found that page, thanks!

Agreed- thanks for posting the link!