Transportation from LAX

Does anyone have any recommendations for transportation from LAX to the Disneyland area (the Howard Johnson hotel to be exact)? I don’t want to rent a car. Thanks!

I am looking for the same! Please update with reviews of whatever you end up using.

Can’t really help you here - car rentals from LAX are so cheap I haven’t bothered researching anything else.

I fly into John Wayne and take a short/cheap cab

Hi, This info might be too late for you, but it might help others…I have found a service called Prime Time Shuttle, which picks up and drops off in various places around Los Angeles.

I’m also looking into transportation from LAX to the Disneyland area. I’ll be in a group of 6 adults and was considering using Uber which is estimating about $100 for an SUV one way. Seems like this would be cheaper than individual shuttle fees for 6 people. Does this sound like a good deal?