Transportation from Contemporary to Epcot and DHS for 8am breakfast

How do you get from the Contemporary to Epcot or DHS for an 8am dining reservation? Friends of mine stayed at the Contemporary recently and were told conflicting information from employees about how to get to the parks. First they were told to take the monorail but it only starts running 1 hour before park opening (their reservation time). Next they were told by an employee to take a bus. But there were no buses around and they were told by someone else that buses don’t run to Epcot. Employees kept going back and forth and finally they had to get an Uber. I just want to be prepared as I have 2 early morning reservations and 2 small kids that would make taking a last minute Uber difficult, if not impossible. Thanks!

According to this link there are some days the resort monorail starts at 6:30 so it may depend on the day.

We have the same issue. I know from the past, there are early morning breakfast buses from contemporary to DHS. I dont remember seeing the same for epcot. I am curious how one would get from contemporary to epcot for a 8am breakfast reservation…