Transportation During COVID

Hi All! First of all, thanks in advance for your help.

I’ve reviewed the forum and I’m seeing differing opinions. Wonder what you would suggest for us.

Staying at Disney Dec 3 (doing our first trip to Universal before, we’re excited for that!). We are staying at the Yacht Club. We will be visiting MK, AK and HS.

My question is, what is the best transportation for us for each park? Our primary goal is getting to the park as early as possible. We do not have any dining reservations at this time.

I’m thinking it’s Uber for MK/AK and the Skyliner for HS. But we could rent a car if that’s better. Your advice is much appreciated! Thanks again.

Uber or car rental to AK. Uber to CR for MK with a breakfast ADR or remote order. Walk to HS.


We always stay at wither YC or BWI. I second all of @PrincipalTinker’s recommendations. We used a Minnie Van to get to MK, but since those are now defunct, the breakfast loophole sounds good to me. Anything to avoid the TTC.

Walking to HS will be much faster than the Skyliner, although I could see taking it once for fun or if you’re tired. Just to get on the Skyliner will be a 5-10 minute walk over to the IG. You could be halfway to HS by then if you walked there instead. It’s a nice walk, too.


Good question @thecmh :slight_smile: Transportation is a constant thought in my head.

AK is the one really throwing me off. So, Uber rather than bus. For an 8 am opening, if we want to be toward the front to ride FOP first thing, what time do you suggest we schedule a lyft pickup? (we are staying at Dolphin, so near thecmh at YC)


I would call it at 6:45 but others might have a different opinion. I believe recent reports have been the car gates opening after 7?

I have always felt the Uber/Lyft drop off at AK is closer than many of the bus stops, but others might disagree.


How early have the buses been running?

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I have similar concerns getting to AK. I’ve read that ride share can be a problem too because if you arrive tooooo early - you can be turned away and asked to come back later…

I think (?) I’ve read that busses start running an hour before published park opening?

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Someone just mentioned in chat that they were told 30 minutes before park opening. That would be a major problem if true. Really putting a disadvantage on the on-site guests in my opinion.

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Can’t thank you all enough for taking the time to respond, it’s very very helpful.

I hadn’t even realized you could walk to HS! That will be great. Then we can Skyliner home, for the fun of it.

Last question, is there any meaningful difference between driving and Uber? Not thinking cost-wise, more about when they let people into the parks.

Thanks again!

Unfortunately, on-site guests have almost always had a disadvantage when it comes to arriving to the parks. The exception are for those guests on-site that are within walking distance.

Not really, other than distance from parking lot. You have to park and walk if you drive yourself, whereas taking an Uber would drop you off closer (bypassing the walk).

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We’re staying at YC right now and we took a bus to AK. We decided to walk over to BW to catch a bus there because we knew the day before the bus left early from that resort and at YC, we were told they would leave 30 mins before park opening. Anyway, we were at the bus top at 6:42, bus arrived at 6:45 and we were the first one to AK. Got a temp check right away and were first in line for on FOP.

Definitely walk to HS and Uber to Contemporary for MK.


I’m intrigued … staying at Caribbean Dec. 18 - 22. Driving down on Dec. 17 and staying one night at a local Hampton. Planning parks MK (Friday), HS (Saturday), AK (Sunday) and MK (Monday).

We’ve always stayed on site but never with a car, so this idea of driving to the parks is not something I’ve ever considered. Is it faster and more efficient especially now with COVID transportation restrictions? Thinking about AK and HS specifically as I would love to RD both of those. AK opens at 7 a.m. on Dec. 20 and HS is at 10 on Dec. 19.

I really, really do not want to drive to TTC if at all possible.

Would appreciate any and all advice. Thanks.

We are staying at AKL-Kidani. We are driving from NC. Staying 10/28 - 10/31. Are we better off to drive the car to each park each day? I have read a few places about either being held up at the toll booths until temp check starts or even being turned away? Is there a risk of driving and getting to the park too early?

What is the recommended arrival time to the pay booths if driving our car vs park opening? 1.5 hours based on most temp checks starting at 1 hour prior to true park open?

Thanks for the info. We are staying at the Swan 12/10-16. I know they have stopped using Disney busses, but it has been suggested that we can walk to BW or YC to ride a bus. How did you learn about the earlier bus at BW? Hoping to RD at AK on 12/11.

Have fun on your trip!


This thread may be of help to y’all:


We are staying at Caribbean beach in early December. What mode of transportation works best to get to HS as early as possible (hoping for 8 or earlier)? Our Car, Skyliner, or try a bus to Magic Kingdom and transfer to Boardwalk to walk to Hollywood? Thanks!

By the way, welcome to the forum! I saw your other post and meant to reply but got busy with other things. My understanding is that they will not open the parking lot until an hour or a little less before park open. I also don’t know how early the Skyliner will start running. Your best bet for an early arrival is walking either by taking an uber to the Swan or your bus scenario to MK and then to BW. Good luck!

Thank you for the greeting and advice!

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