Transportation Collector Cards?

Do the Disney monorail operators still give out free transportation collector cards?

Aww, I don’t know! But DS was all about them for a few years there! Drove us a little nuts, but he had a ball

Can’t hurt to ask! And don’t forget to ask bus drivers and boat captains too! Luke got a wood coin from one of the boat drivers!


While not the monorail, my daughters were just (last week) given transportation cards for the buses. We did not ask nor did I know about them. My kids loved it!

I would like to think the monorail still had them.

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Yay! Good to hear they are alive and well!!

While waiting for the monorail last May, I said something about the trading card and the CM said they are doing them and gave us some. The “kids” (young adults) were not impressed when I handed them out.

They aren’t as nice as they used to be. These were more like heavy paper than cards.