Transportation between Universal and Port Orleans - Riverside

What is the best way to get my husband, me and our luggage from Universal (probably Cabana Bay) to Port Orleans - Riverside? And also from MCO to Universal, for that matter. :smile:

We are arriving Sat, Dec 6 to MCO, need to get to Cabana Bay. Taxi or Mears shuttle? Staying until Monday evening, Dec 8 at which point we want to transfer us and our junk to Port Orleans - Riverside. Taxi is best? I hear they are expensive. Should we rent a car for the whole affair? Can it be picked up from somewhere on property at Disney on Monday? Where is a good place to go to get a great price?? (I’m Canadian. I have no clue which companies would be good to check out…)


I would rent a car. Check out for deals - book the best one you can find today, and then keep checking back for a better one, as there are no penalties for cancelling and rebooking.

Oddly enough, I checked earlier today for a weekly rental starting 12/06, and found an Intermediate from Dollar for $136.28.

We used Mears Taxis and did not fine them too expensive. Very reliable