Transportation between parks

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I travel from HS to Epcot I need to go to a resort or transportation and ticket center first right…same thing with AK right?

They have buses that directly connect each park to make park-hopping easier. When you want to go to EPCOT from HS, just go to where all the buses are and look for the EPCOT bus.

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Technically you can walk from HS to Epcot (entering Epcot via International Gateway). I’m just not sure if you are allowed to do that if you are not a guest of a Disney resort (specifically the ones in the Epcot/HS area. Maybe someone else can confirm that for me.


From HS to Epcot, you can walk or take a boat.

@RotR, Anyone can use the International Gateway entrance :slight_smile:


Boat takes about 20 minutes -in my opinion nicer than the bus


FWIW, I think you’re thinking of Disney Springs - you can’t go directly from a park to/from Disney Springs. From all the parks they try to make park hopping relatively easy…

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Thanks everyone! We’ve never hopped before and just trying to soak up all the knowledge before we get there tomorrow…sooo excited!


Sooo jealous! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have a great trip!

Take boat from HS to YC/BC. From the dock take another boat to Epcot or walk. You will get to IGateway

That would be great if you want to get off and walk around but the boat from HS to EP stops at swan/dolphin, YC/BC and BW. You can stay on if you want.

Enjoy​:sunglasses::sunglasses: And I too am very jealous!!

Can you use the buses between parks if you are not staying at a Disney resort? Or do we need to use our cars to travel between parks? Are taxis available?

Thanks for any help.

Anyone can use buses between parks. They do not check for a park ticket or hotel reservation.

Taxis are available too, although at magic kingdom the bus/monorail to Epcot is the best transportation.