Transport Typhoon Lagoon to Disney Springs with Infant

We were thinking of doing Typhoon Lagoon, showering at the park and going for an early dinner to Disney Springs. What is the best transportation method? I would think taxi but we have my one year old with us and we were told taxis tend not to have a car seat with them and Florida law is such that they cannot transport us with an infant without a car seat. Is this true? Any other suggestions?

I thought there was a direct bus - I’m sure last summer we had to change at DS to get there and back in the afternoon.

In the past you had to take the bus to a resort then get a bus to Disney Springs from the resort. It would be lovely if one of the buses did a stop enroute in Disney Springs but I assume the volume just is not there to warrant it.

I believe the only way to get to/from TL these days is by going to DS and transferring. I think maybe the All Stars and CSR may still have a direct bus to BB but for that waterpark you have to go to AK.

So there should be a bus back to Disney Springs from TL from which then you can take a bus to the resorts?

Yes exactly. To get back to POFQ we had to go to DS first to transfer.

Perfect! Thanks! That solves my concerns on that day.

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