Transport question for Fort Wilderness Campground

We’re headed to FW campground in April and I know FW isn’t known for quick transportation to the parks. I want to try to get to the parks for rope drop.

Can anyone give me a rough idea of how long the internal busses take to get to the marina and to the depot. (I know it depends on where one is camping, I just need a rough idea)?

And then how long it takes to get to the parks?

Any advice would be awesome!


We were just there the first week of January staying in a cabin on the 2500 loop which is towards the south side, not far from the campground entrance. I can’t speak to the time from marina to the park but the time from the 2500 loop bus stop to the marina bus stop was about 10 minutes. It had 3 stops along the way. (this was at about 8:00am). Don’t know how often they come around because I happened to time it just right and waited about 30 seconds.

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Marina to park is about 20 minutes (unless yiu just miss a boat.)

Internal busses come 15 or 20 minutes apart.

I was wondering that too. On the day we arrive at FW we want to go to MK on the boat for early entry. Because we don’t expect to park at our site, we’ll be taking the internal bus from the overflow lot to the marina. I’ve wondered if it would be quicker to just park at TTC.

When we stayed at the campground oh, I don’t remember where but around the quiet pool, it took about 10 to 20 minutes for the internal bus system to get you to either the boat dock or the main buses. The main bosses seemed to come every 15 to 20 minutes. To be on the safe side I would figure 45 mins from leaving your campsite plus the time it takes the bus to get to the park. I remember Animal Kingdom taking forever.

I’ve only stayed at FW twice, pre-covid.

Probably driving to TTC might be quick, but then you’ve still got to get a boat or monorail to MK, when most other rope droppers are doing the same thing. I like to avoid TTC as much as possible. :grin:

Our FW MK plan was always:
park opens at 8 (just picked a time)
be at tap style at 7:15
be at dock by 6:35*
be at bus stop by 6:15*

*figuring Disney transport is every 20 min, starting on the hour.
Thus your bus could be by your stop about 6, 6:20 or 6:40.
Your boat could be leaving about 6, 6:20 or 6:40. So pick accordingly.

This didn’t always work out - but it usually did.


Note on the boats/ferrys. Las year trip, google maps showed boat and ferry schedules. I don’t remember if I had to “get directions” or if I could just tap on boat. They were somewhat accurate, but not 100%.

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