Transport from Airport

It seems strange that the Disneyland Resort Express isn’t available for those flying to the Long Beach Airport, when it is the second-closest airport to the resort. It is quite a bit less expensive to fly into LGB than SNA or LAX, both of which are served by the Disneyland Resort Express. Are there any disadvantages to using LGB?

We flew into LGB in April. We used a transportation company called JAG Transportation and had an excellent experience.

For the pick-up, we had ordered a car, but got a large, very comfortable SUV. The driver texted us to let us know where he was (there was a lot of traffic waiting to do pick-ups), and he had little water bottles waiting for us and a Disney movie showing on the TVs. On the way back to the airport, it was a car as we had ordered - a very comfortable Lincoln Town Car.

Thanks for your input.

The transportation company you mentioned is a little more than I was hoping to spend, but it sounds like it’s probably a much better experience than the Disney Resort Express or your basic taxi or shuttle would be. Maybe it’s worth the extra cost. For me it may depend on the price difference on flights among LGB, SNA, and LAX.

That reminded me of the last time we were there in 2013, we flew into ONT and took a shuttle. There was only one other couple with us, and they were dropped off first at their home. Then the shuttle was getting low on gas, so we needed to make another stop. A bonus problem was that the vehicle ran on natural gas, so the driver needed to try and find a station that actually had it available. When we finally did find one, the gas station wouldn’t accept the type of credit card the driver had, so he asked it I would mind paying for it with mine and he would give me cash to pay me back, which he did. After this we were finally on to PP. I think it ended up taking us two to three hours to get there from the airport.

The driver was very nice and very apologetic about the situation. And we did receive a nice bottle of wine from the other couple because it was our anniversary. But I think I’d rather just pay the extra to avoid the possible hassle and to get there sooner. :grin:

For our next trip, we decided that we wouldn’t be any better off with the lower air fare to LAX (compared to SNA) since we would pay the difference in ground transportation.

Would you consider Uber? Not sure what the pickup situation is at LGB since airport pick ups seem to be the sticking point, but between Disneyland and SNA we paid $16.75 (for two people, since Uber doesn’t charge per rider) and $46.00 between Disneyland and LAX.

That’s kind of what I was thinking too, but for my DW and me, flying into SNA currently would be over $200 more than flying into LAX for the dates and times we want. I’m not sure why it is such a huge difference. Lately, flying into LGB is coming out about the same cost as flying into LAX. The Disneyland Resort Express (DRE) for two is a little less expensive from SNA – $70 from SNA and $96 from LAX ($86 with the discounted tickets from UT).

I just checked into Uber. It looks like the least expensive option would run us about $66 RT from LGB, about $84-$112 RT from LAX, and about $34-$46 from SNA.

A Super Shuttle for LAX would be about $34 RT for the two of us, $44 for LGB, and they apparently don’t serve SNA, but I really hesitate to use one again anyway after our last experience.

So it looks like we may be flying into LAX and using the DRE.