TransPacific Repositioning Cruises 2023/24

I am fairly swooning over these and wish I thought I would be able to do one of them

Maybe they will become a regular thing, repositioning with the seasons?

I mean look at the ports of call! :heart_eyes: They read off like the list of longhouses at the Poly!!!


The prices really aren’t bad…

For the number of nights they are doing, absolutely not bad at all. $319/nt pp for the one I’d want to do (the 15nt of course - like you expected anything else)

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repositioning cruises historically have some of the best price-pre-day rates.
I was |—| close to booking one in 2014, but my mom and sister had cold feet.
I will always kick myself.


I would so love to do that 15 day cruise also! But not sure where I’d get 2 weeks off at a time to do the cruise, along with time in Sydney before the cruise! If I could somehow finagle a month off (and uh, saving between now and then) I’d do it in a heartbeat…

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And if you are like me and are putting four people in a room and are willing to do inside, the costs per person get even better. Guests 3 and 4 are typically very low cost.


If next February’s cruise goes well, that Sydney to Honolulu in Feb 2024 looks like a dream come true.

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No. Not for a 15 day. Veranda. Just me and one other person (not sure DH could handle that long a trip)

And then yes also, @tiggerpal , time in Sydney before means a month off work.

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It does doesn’t it?? That’s the one I would do.


I dream of a TA that stops by PEI and Greenland. Those have been a thing :heart:

I spend so little time in my stateroom. I’d do steerage. :wink:


That looks like an awesome cruise but I’m not sure if a transPacific cruise is the best way for me to do my first cruise. I’m kind of terrified of open ocean. Even on a plane I occasionally get mild panic attacks when I realize what’s (not) beneath me.


Because hurdling into pavement or cities is a lot better. :fist_left:


It’s all irrational fears, of course. Like claustrophobia, etc. It’s just a primal recognition of the insignificance of our existence in the vastness of space - in this case, in relation to the ocean.


I love when the ship is far enough out that every direction is nothing but water.
And it’s also fun to see another ship’s lights on the horizon at night.


Def not :rofl:

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This. When there’s nothing but blue waters between me and the horizon. Sublime.


are you not always aware of insignificance?

Dust in the Wind

Or so I’ve heard


When I’m surrounded by people and civilization, such insignificance is a comfort. When I’m in the middle of an unforgiving natural world … not so much. :rofl:

Good answer
Good answer


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Do you know that is my absolute favorite song ever? Of all time.

It gives me absolute goosebumps every time I hear it.

Interestingly there’s another song I became kind of obsessed about a few years back. It was featured in the film The Judge and has this cadence and rhythm I couldn’t shake. Like a train rolling down the tracks. It’s by Bon Iver, a song called Holocene.

One day as I tend to do, I heard Holocene on my way to work and just had to look it up for it’s meaning. I found it in an article in Rolling Stone in which the band was interviewed. In describing its meaning of he band made reference to an oldie but a goodie, citing them as similar in theming and musicality and cadence and such.

That song? Dust In the Wind. :exploding_head:when I read that! And a whole other sense of goosebumps.

The two songs now follow one another in several playlists of mine.