Transfers to/from Airport & Universal

With the demise of Magical Express, I’m trying to figure out transport for our upcoming trip. Here are the details:

  • 8-day trip in March 2022
  • Family of 5 - 2 adults, 3 kids (8. 6. and 6)
  • Need transfer to/from Orlando airport.
  • Staying at the Beach Club
  • Will be visiting Universal Studios twice during our stay.
  • No other trips outside WDW

Are there any shuttle or transport companies that would be a good option to use for all our transfers? Ideally I’d like to use the same company for getting from and to that airport, and to/from Universal Studios.

Any suggestions?

Quicksilver Tours would be perfect for your situation. They even have free car seats / boosters for your kids. They can go anywhere, but the rates they quote here are between MCO and Disney, and between Disney and UOR.

P.S. I had a really good experience with them described here:

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I also vouch for Quicksilver as we had a good experience with them.

However, have you considered a split stay? If you stay at certain Universal resorts you get free express pass which is so nice especially with kids, and having a room to go to during the day for a break if needed is also helpful.
In August, my 2 DS’s and I did 3 nights at Beach Club, 2 at Hard Rock Hotel and then 2 at Coronado tower. We just took Uber to Universal and back so we could call when ready instead of having to schedule in advance. But Quicksilver does have a mco-Disney-Universal-Mco transfer package as well.


I second this! We did a split stay with Hard Rock Hotel and Beach Club, and it worked great. But there are definitely benefits to staying put if you don’t want to pack and unpack multiple times on your trip.

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I third it. It’s what I’m doing next week (!!!). Seven nights at Pop, then two nights at Royal Pacific (to get the Express Passes).

It also means simpler transportation requirements. Airport to WDW. WDW to UOR. UOR to airport. Three journeys.


Does anyone know if they will stop at two resorts? My friend and I are staying at separate resorts and we need a car for 5 with 3 booster seats to drop off at both ASM and CR.

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I would call and ask directly, would not be surprised if they would.

They said they will give a quote for any trip in the Orlando area - you just have to call to ask since that’s not one of their standard routes.

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We considered a split stay, but the ages of our kids, and knowing how they travel, it’s easier to stay at WDW and travel over to Universal for the two days.

Good to hear that Quicksilver is such a good option.

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I worked with Quicksilver for my recent Universal/Disney stay. We have two groups coming in at different times .I called and they had my son and his girlfriend book a 3 way transport in a van so we could increase it to 5 when we all went from Universal to Disney and I booked my arrival/departure to Universal/from Disney separate.

My sister suddenly wanted to stop at a store on the way to Universal for some forgotten medication and they did that without notice at no charge.

Also, it is a small discount but if you sign up for their emails and wait to book until within 30 days you can usually get a coupon for at least $5 off for a roundtrip.