Transferring Tickets and FP+

I asked this in connection to another thread, but wanted to pose it as a stand-alone question, hopefully to cast a wider net for responses

I currently have two consecutive reservations at Wilderness Lodge for the last week of April. The first 6 days on one reservation, the last day on a second (for reasons I won’t get into). My park tickets (for 4 days) are currently on the first reservation, but the second single day reservation has the seasonal discount, which enables you to buy 4 days of park tickets and get the 5th for free. If we make our FP+ selections, then afterwards transfer our tickets to get that free day, do we lose our FP+ picks?

That’s an unusual situation, I would guess that in the process of changing your tickets from the first package to the second they’d have to cancel the first set which would immediately invalidate your FPP selections before adding them to your second set, but might have to speak with Disney to get a real answer on that.

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That was my thinking on it to. If the FP+ selections are tied to the tickets and not the account per se, then they would be deleted I would think…

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I agree with @Outer1, I think you will have to cancel your package and book RO for the first part. I would be concerned about losing discounts and not having access to those tickets as well. You are getting close to 45 days so be careful!

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PrincipalTinker, do you mean that at a certain point that buy 4, get the 5th free might stop being offered?

Sometimes there are limited rooms. Also, your first part, will you need tickets? Will they let you activate early? Are there still rooms available if you switch your first stay from a package to a room only?

It might be worthwhile to call WDW IT at 407-939-7765 to find out if the FPP reservations can be transferred. Other Liners have had success with them for resolving all sorts of FPP-related issues.

Also when I looked last week, Orbitz was selling tickets buy 3 and get 2 days free so might even be worth considering just doing room only reservations and getting your tickets outside of Disney.

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