Transferring ticket to another person

You know how you can transfer a ticket to another person- Can you do that if a day on the ticket has already been used?

Example, I have a 5 day ticket that was fixed date but has been turned into “good through Sept 2021.” Can I use one of the days on it now, and then transfer the ticket to a friend so that she can use the remaining tickets? Or could I just give her the magic band to use without officially transferring the ticket to her?

You cannot transfer a patricianly used ticket to another person.


thanks! that still leaves the door open for me to give her the magic band.

No you can’t use someone else’s magic band, it’s attached to you. Although if they’re not doing finger scans maybe that wouldn’t be a problem.

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Or even a partially used one :wink:


Right, I was more thinking that this is currently a solution, although long-term, maybe not. But I don’t see finger scans coming back anytime soon.