Transferring luggage from Cabana Bay To Hard Rock Hotel

Hi Everyone,

We are ridiculously excited about our 3 week Christmas adventure. We are lucky enough to have added an extra day to out holiday so we will be arriving on the Saturday morning (12th Dec) instead of the Sunday so I have booked us a room in Cabana Bay for our extra night. On the Sunday, seeing as we will be all over the place with jet lag, we will be taking advantage of being up early on the Sunday to do both Harry Potter worlds in both parks. As we are also meant to be checking in to HRH on the Sunday, can anyone tell me if they will move our bags over for us or will we have to collect and move them ourselves? Also on the Saturday our flight arrives at 6.30am so I anticipate arriving at Cabana Bay at around 8.30. I know that is REALLY early for a check in but has anyone experienced this kind of early arrival before and if so what did you do to fill the time? Is the pool a viable option in December. Thanks in advance for everyones help, love this site, I’m slightly obsessed by it to be honest!!

You need to move your bags yourself but they will arrange transport to take you over. Speak to concierge on the sat night. You can check in to any of the hotels from 6.30 and you might want to do that on the Sun to get exp passes before hitting the parks but rooms won’t be ready until later. If you opt for first available room over a specific location you will get your room quicker. Pools are heated depending on where you come from and what your climate is like depends on whether you would swim or not. We are Scottish would def be swimming. You could Uber out to I drive to explore the area or wander through city walk. There is mini golf movies and blue man group. Lots to do. Hotel pool hopping is allowed and Portfino pool is supposed to be really nice Enjoy x

Thank you :sunglasses: