Transferring DVC points -where to start

Hi Liners, I am visiting wdw in Nov/2015 using our DVC points. We have enough points to stay a week at GFV in a 2 BR and a Studio. We would love to extend our stay by a night or two, but don’t have enough points to do so (even with the One Time Use Points). I’ve read that transferring points is safer than renting because we’ll be in charge of our reservations, but I’ve never looked into it. Any resources on where to start?

Check out the Rent/Trade/Transfer Board at

Thanks @brklinck - they’ve got some great info. and ppl actually looking to sell points-very helpful. I was wondering if there is a broker like David’ s or DVC Rental Store that might deal in transferring points rather than buying from an individual. I guess I’m just hesitant to go through someone I don’t know.

I’m also trying to understand how it works. I know that the points being transferred maintain their original use year and home resort, but I don’t know how that would work with my own UY and home resort. My home resort is OKW. If I receive a transfer of points with GFV as home resort, can I book GFV at the 11 mth mark, even if most of the points are my original OKW points?

I do not know of any brokers who deal with point transfers. If you follow the guidelines for renting points (research the owner, have a contract, etc.) I would not expect that you would have any problems dealing direct with another owner.

If you transfer enough GFV points to make the complete booking, then you can book at 11 months. I do not believe that you could use a mixture of GFV and OKW points to book at 11 months - however, you should call Member Sercives to make sure about this.

Ask member services. I don’t understand why you can’t buy more one time use points? Is there a limit?

I also don’t get why transfer is safer than renting. It seems you’re doing the same thing, using someone else’s points.

Transferring is safer than renting because once the transfer is completed they are your points and you have complete control over them. When you rent points, they still belong to the owner, and they have complete control over the reservation made with them.

Ahh ha. Thanks.

Each set of points retains its original UY and home status. thus, it would be subject to those booking restrictions. The transferred points do not take on the UY or home status of your original points.

Transfer is safer than renting because once the points are in your account and you make the reservation, the reservation cannot be cancelled by anyone other than you. If you rent, the original owner can revoke the reservation at any time.

In both cases, there is needed trust to send money to someone else (either while they make and hold a reservation in a renting scenario, or prior to them hitting submit on a transfer).