Transferring dining reservations

You can’t transfer a dining reservation to someone else, correct? I’m helping a co-worker plan her family’s trip for Feb vacation and was going to try to grab a BOG breakfast for her since this is her first Disney trip, but I won’t bother if I can’t easily give it to her.

Not officially but 90% of the time if you coordinate a drop and search at the same time, it will be successful. You have to be quick and MDE needs to be cooperative but it can be done!


Have done this successfully a few times. Do it simultaneously- you cancel, friend refreshes and grabs. Works super well in the middle of the night.

Alternately, depending on your comfort, keep the ressie as it is and your friend simply checks in using your name. Have also done this successfully a few times. This involves some risk - if your friend is a no-show you get the $10/pp no show fine. If you’re okay with that risk or are clear with your friend about repayment for no show, his would be the easiest way to “transfer” the ressie


I did this for my friend as her wedding gift. She used my name at the welcome desk and had a copy of the reservation number. Worked like a charm. I trust her immensely. I don’t know that I would trust a coworker unless we were really close.


Only done it once during the day and my friend didn’t manage to pick it up, and we were synched. Next time we’ll choose a less popular hour.