Transferring a "virgin" MB?

So I have 2 MBs, one from hotel res and the other because of AP. Neither has been used as a ticket, room key, or anything else so far. I’d like to let my brother use one. Possible? Anybody ever try this?

I don’t think so, because it is linked to your hotel reservation. There is no way to link his park ticket to it. He could wear it for fun, and scan it for charging privileges if you want to pay for him :wink:. Once you arrive, both of your bands will work for you though. You can wear whichever one you want.

The MBs are associated with your MDE account. WDW IT might be able to do something about this - give them a call on (407) 939-7765.

Oh, believe me, I’m familiar with the IT#. While I’d love to hear from anyone that’s done it, I think it’s time to drop this fantasy (even though I wished upon a star which should constitute a binding agreement between myself and Walt Disney Produtions). We already have so many areas of potential mishaps (some days on, some offsite, 4 types of tickets among 7 people, etc) that my idea to do him a solid is getting too risky (& he already owes me money). Thanks. Hope you have a more mellow week, Karen.

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Thanks Marc. Looking forward to hearing about your trip when you return.

Your DB could also buy one at DTD if he really really wants one!