Transfer Suggestions to Universal

This question may be sacrilege on this forum, but who has a good reference for a transport company to take me from WDW to Universal? Family of four, carseats required. Would consider limo service if reasonably priced…thanks! I know there are options on tripadvisor (or Uber), but interested in personal experiences.


Getting to Universal Orlando from Walt Disney World

Driving from Walt Disney World to Universal Orlando along I-4 takes about 15 minutes with light traffic, or as much as 40 minutes during rush hour. If you’re staying at Walt Disney World and you don’t have a car, Mears Transportation will shuttle you from your hotel to Universal and back for $21. Pickup and return times are at your convenience. To schedule a shuttle, call 855-463-2776.

From three Denver college-aged women who tried Mears:

We took a Mears shuttle from Disney to Universal, and we don’t recommend it. It takes a
very long time to get you there—it stops at SeaWorld and a couple of other places before
Universal—plus we waited 45 minutes for the shuttle back to the hotel.

Taxis and ride share services (Uber and Lyft) are also readily available to and from the resorts.
A one-way taxi ride is between $35 and $45 (plus tip) depending on which Disney hotel you are
leaving from, and may be cheaper than a shuttle if you have three to five people. All transportation
services drop off at and pick up from the lower level of Universal’s main parking hub, from which
you can walk to CityWalk and the parks.

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We found the taxis easy to use and fairly reasonable

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Hi, I don’t have advice on getting to Universal, as I always have a car. But I recommend you take a look at the attractions before purchasing the expensive tickets. If your kids are in carseats there is very little for them ride-wise and Uni’s not big on shows. Just a heads up. I personally wouldn’t visit until kids are at least tweens. Just want to pass that along. In any case, I hope you have a great time on your trip!

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My family used Lyft, about $20 each way including tip. No car seats. No hassle. Worked perfectly