Transfer Melbourne Airport to Disney World


We are flying into Melbourne, Florida airport. What are the best options if we would like private transfer and any indication of approx costs?

Airport Taxi
Something else?


That’s a long way for an Uber/taxi.

Look into car hire where you drop off near resort. It’s an option for UOR but not sure about WDW.

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Yep - think I am looking at around £342 ($420).

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As we are staying at WDW

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Are you flying in with Tui?
They shuttle package guests to resorts. If you’re flight only, I think you can buy the transfer separately.

I think your best bet is a one way rental car. Will certainly be cheaper than uber/lyft if you can even find a driver. Drivers do not see your destination until they pick you up and can cancel on you if they don’t want to drive that route. Considering they would very likely make $0 on their return to Melbourne you may have a hard time getting a driver.

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Yes TUI. We already have the coach transfer included. However, ideally looking for a private transfer for the arrival leg. Don’t mind taking the coach for departure.

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Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB) private transportation - Elife (

Melbourne Airport (MLB) to Walt Disney World (

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We’ll be doing the same.
We need a car for a couple of off-site activities on the first two days, then we’re returning the hire car across the road from our resort and hopefully getting the coach back to the airport at the end of the trip :crossed_fingers:t2:
When are you heading out?

Hi going mid July. Are you staying at a Disney World hotel? We will be at Caribbean Beach resort so not sure there will be a place to drop a hire car.

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I’m having a UOR trip, so I’m not sure about the WDW car hire options.

Any other liners know what the car hire options are in the bubble??
Hopefully someone else will know :crossed_fingers:t2:

That probably has the best info.


I rented a car from the Tampa airport in October, drove it to WDW, checked in, and returned the car to the Car Car Center that is close by to MK/Poly/TTC.

Look carefully at who you are renting from and what their policies are regarding one way rentals. A few of them charged extra for “drop off fees” so I ended up renting from Alamo that didn’t charge anything extra.

The drop off was super easy and they have a shuttle that will drop you off anywhere on property.


I did a one-way rental a few years back (driving from Hilton Head Island, SC where we were vacationing) and the drop-off was at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek. You can look up a rental specifically with various end points. It’s really quite painless to drop off and then get an Uber to your hotel - probably an extra $15 inclusive of tip.

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