Transfer from WDW to Port

What is the transfer process like going from a WDW resort to the port? We will be staying at A of A 12/7-12/11 and then cruising on the Dream 12/11-12/14. I don’t know what to expect the process of going from the resort to the cruise to be like.

They will tell you (probably the night before) to meet at a certain place near the lobby at the designated time. When we did it this February I think we were supposed to be there at noon to leave at 12:30 or something.

There was a lot of standing around waiting and not really knowing what was going on. It was not a very good experience for us, but something had gone wrong and a new bus was sent and the staff seemed totally thrown off by something being unusual. If everything goes as planned, maybe it’s a great experience.

Next time we are renting a car to drive ourselves. We would prefer to get there earlier, especially with the extra delay with the bus switch, we barely made it on the ship in time to get lunch.

Once everyone is checked in with the staff at the hotel, you get loaded up on the bus and they drop you off at the side of the cruise terminal and you just walk right in through the security check.

This is probably one of the slowest and latest way to get to port. How many people in your group? It could be cheaper to use a service such as happy limo to get to port. We used them last year from AKL and it worked out great.

There are only 4 of us in our group. When we priced out some of the other shuttles, it was cheaper to take the Magical Express.

Did you look at happy limo? Usually a party of four is cheaper to use their services.

Try Uber - I would bet on that being your cheapest option. I have never done a cruise, but have done a lot of research on it and everything seems to indicate that you want to get there ASAP on your departure day.

I decided to cancel our existing Magical Express reservation and got a van to pick us up from Happy Limo. It will cost an extra $40, but to get to the port early, I think it’s worth the extra money.

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