Transfer from airport

I am just through the excitement of my 60 days and making ADRs and am starting to worry about the transfer from the airport.
I understand that most people tend to use Uber/Lyft, but I am not really familiar with rideshare services (I mostly use public transport at home) and I am nervous about getting in to MCO, exhausted by the flight and the time difference, and then having to navigate this system.
I tried downloading the Lyft app the other day but can’t receive the code to be able to use it - not sure whether that’s because I have a UK number (which won’t change when I travel) or because I’m in the UK (so it would work when I’m in Florida).

Can anyone else from outside the States give me an idea of how they navigate transfers? Are there any reasonable alternatives to rideshares?

This is a good one for @missoverexcited


I’ve had no issues at all with the Uber or Lyft apps, I don’t remember needing a code. Uber will definitely be fine because we have that here.

But Mears Connect is easy if you’re just going to and from the airport. It goes from the same place as Magical Express used to if you’ve used that - B1.


We like to just grab a taxi from MCO to our hotel. There’s always been one just sitting, waiting for us. So it’s an immediate transportation option. We’ve also found the taxis to be about the same price as Uber or even cheaper sometimes.

We usually take Uber from hotel to the airport on the way home though.

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Thanks @lindsayvr and @missoverexcited! You’ve put my mind somewhat more at rest. I think the current plan will be to try for a taxi, but if there isn’t one available then I will give the rideshare apps a go.