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Tonight’s run was a struggle, but I got it done :white_check_mark:


Who is running this weekend? I ran 7 miles this morning. It rained all day yesterday so the humidity was brutal this morning. Everyone was taking walk breaks today!!


Nice work on the runs.

I was out of town on business this week, but was able to get in 2 of the 3 runs I had planned so far. I am continuing to base-build, start to add different speeds, and will soon begin adding a higher and higher running load.

I can see a lot of people struggle with summer running due to the heat. It is the complete opposite here. I struggle with the cold winter runs and love the summer runs where I can shed all the layers.


I did it! My first actual run since my injury! It was just a benchmark run, but I ran the whole 5 minutes with no pain. Now doing the ever important recovery. :wink:
I am taking it super slow and doing the Coach Amy Garmin 5K plan (no planned 5k on the calendar) followed by the 10K plan which should align perfectly with the marathon weekend. Cheers to your weekend training!



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That is fantastic news! Enjoy the recovery…and the return of the runner’s high!

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Hey y’all! After Covid conveniently took me out for the first two weeks of training I did my first run last night! Waited till 8:30pm to go and the “feels like” was 106. Let me tell ya it definitely felt like it! First mile was awesome and a pace that I don’t normally see so I was very happy about that. the next two miles I had to slow down a ton as my heart rate was getting out of control, I’m guessing the heat was a major factor in that. Anywho a great run to kick off my late training start!


My heart rate changed after COVID too…my first run it skyrocketed and I couldn’t get it back down for the longest time. Hopefully it is just temporary and you’ll be back on track in no time (the heat definitely didn’t help, I’m sure)

I have not experienced the COVID HR issue, but the heat defiantly plays a large part in your relative effort. The hotter it is, the more work your body needs to do to keep up. This leads to a higher HR if you are trying to keep the same pacing.

This translates into adjusting your running pace based on the temperature. The hotter it gets, the slower you should be running.

Here is a website that talks a little about it.

Adjusting Your Running Pace In The Heat — Team Wicked Bonkproof

We got some rain yesterday so our temps this morning were a delightful 75°! I got my first outside run (4 miles) since…April I think. 97% humidity, so it was like a coolish sweat lodge, but still an improvement :sweat_smile:

If someone would have told me in January I’d be getting up early in July to run 4 miles there’s no way I’d have believed it.


Slightly off topic but kinda fits since I need a new pair of shoes for training . . . What do you doing with your old running shoes??

I’ve got several pairs that are not training/running worthy but they are still fully intact - no holes or shredding, ect . . . Seems a waste to just trash but I am not sure if donation places want/need used running shoes.

What do you do?

They become my kick-arounds for a while, and then they eventually become my yard work shoes.

Many running stores collect them for recycling or donating.

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I cannot tell you how many pairs of running shoes I have in my shoe farm. It seems like they multiply on their own.

When I have hit the number of running miles on each pair, they transition to multiple roles. Some turn into trail hiking shoes, some become my every day runners, some become my lawn cutting pairs and then eventually they get removed from the home.

I haven’t looked into the whole recycling thing, but that may be a good idea. I would hope they shred them and recycle the material for new pairs. I can’t fathom them giving my worn out, stinky running shoes to some else to wear.


My running store takes them back and donates them.


Our running store will take them back for recycling or donating depending on the condition and there have also been donation bins at both races I’ve done this year.

ETA- but I haven’t worn a pair out yet. I’m planning to get a new pair in September.


That’s what I’m feeling like right now. I only need one old pair for yard work, ect . . . but I’ve got at least 3 pair that are no good for running anymore.

I’ll check with the running stores and see if they have a donation/recycle program.

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I just donated 3 bags of running shoes to my local running store!


Getting ready for 8 miles this morning! I’ve been running 7 max since Princess. It’s time to start upping the mileage. Hopefully it won’t be too hot this morning.


I got it done :white_check_mark:. I was drenched with sweat when I got home :rofl:. I’m taking next weekend off for a quick RCL cruise & then it’s up to 9 miles the following weekend!


Ooooff. I missed all of my maintenance runs last week and decided to go for it on the distance anyway yesterday. Not my best idea. I am hurting today. Can’t wait to get these kids back in school so I have a more consistent schedule for these last 2 months.