Trails End or Whispering Canyon

I had planned on doing the dinner buffet at Trail’s End the day that we arrive at WDW. We are vacationing in early December, so I thought it’d be fun to do the dinner and then go look at the campground decorations. Also, we are interested in the Chip and Dale campfire. However, I recently found out about how much fun the dinner is at Whispering Canyon, and we have kids 5, 3, and 1, who would love all the “horsing around.” I have never been to either of these restaurants, so I’m not sure how to decide. Is WC close to the campground too? Also, as far as value, Trails End is about $25 for an adult at dinner, right? And the all you care to enjoy platters at WC are $30? Is this correct? THanks.

I did whispering canyon for breakfast. Place was pretty empty but you get the same treatment.

Trails End is much more low key than Whispering Canyon. WC is at Wilderness Lodge, a boat ride from Fort Wilderness.

We have had dinner at both places . I preferred Trails End . WCC was just too noisy and busy for me. Sorry I don’t know the prices …