Trails end meal and then on to MK Wishes?

Hi all

We’re thinking about having a 5.30pm meal at Trails end and then heading over to finish the evening at MK and watch the fireworks.

Does this sound do-able?

Thanks all,

Is Wishes at 10? That would be very easy- I think even 9:00 would not be a problem.

Very doable. Love Trail’s End. Take the boat from the MK to and from, it’s right near the dock.

Thanks guys.
Do you know transport options from TTC & MK? Love the idea of the boat but would be useful to no options from TTC as not sure if going to MK before dinner…

Hi guys,
Now thinking might do MK before & after meal. How long should I allow for traveling to/from MK to Trails End? And what options do we have? Many thanks