Trader sams

Trader Sam’s always gets such rave reviews. I think we are going to ditch Geyser Point for our first night and instead do it. Anything I need to know? Pretty easy to get in with two? Cocktails or food that are must haves?

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It is not always easy to get in. They will put you on the list.

Kind of what I was wondering - is there room to wait, or is it easy to just chill in the lobby?

I always wait on the patio. There is a bar there. If you order there you have to pay before you go into Trader Sam’s so I pay right away.


I have never been able to get into there with less than an hour wait despite only being a party of two. We always just hang out on the terrace – they have the same drinks.


I’ve been there right before opening, say 3:45, multiple times and have had no trouble getting in in the first wave. Be aware that you may not get a chair or barstool just because you get in, but you should have no trouble finding one once the first wave starts leaving.

Now, I’ve gone between 10 and midnight and been told a 90 minute wait, so consider that also.

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Maybe its just me but I didn’t really see what the big deal is about trader sams. We went in and ordered drinks to go as there were no seats available, it was also close to the time when kids have to leave for the night, maybe 7 or 8 pm, I don’t really remember. the staff were friendly and did a funny song to remind everyone in the place it was adult only time and time for kids to go. It was quirky and kind of fun I guess but it is rather small and dark, with no windows… I much preferred taking our drinks out on the tiki terrace area and down to the beach.

I went a few weeks ago on a Monday around 8:15pm. May have just been luck but we had no wait and there were seats open.