Trader Sam's - Transportation

I am traveling with my 7yo daughter in June. I would really like to go to Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Room. (It really is for me, not her) I’m wondering a few things. If we went from DCA to the Disneyland Hotel around lunchtime, what is the best way to get there. It seems like a long walk to add on to a theme park day for her. I also wonder thoughts about taking a kiddo there. She is excited about the menu and we have watched some videos, so I think we would be okay. Thoughts?

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It’s a small world after all…I’m taking my 7 yo granddaughter there next month; super excited.
Although Trader Sam’s is age 21 and over beginning at 8pm, it’s a non-issue in the afternoons.
Consider coming and going through the Grand California exit out of DCA. You may even consider building your DCA plan around that strategy so that you’re in that area of the park when leaving, and/or coming back. Redwood Creek would be a great afternoon activity when you come back.


There is only one way to get there: walk. (Well, or ECV/stroller.) Taking an Uber would be ridiculous. But thankfully, it’s not as far as it seems.

I agree that exiting DCA through Grizzly Peak area into the Grand Californian is likely your best option. It will keep you in the AC for a bit, at the very least. Then exit into Downtown Disney and cross over to Disneyland Hotel.

Here’s a map with the route:

It’s about half a mile and will take you 10 min.