Trader Sam’s question

I’m starting my Pepe Silvia flowchart for my December trip and wondering, how feasible is plan to get into TS on a Friday night? I’ve never been there but the wifey and I really want to try it.

If you get there ahead of opening and get your name right on the list you should be okay to get a seat in reasonably short order It hink


If it’s a priority, plan to arrive at least 30 min before opening and queue up to put your name on the list. We did this on a Friday in August and waited about 90 minutes after we put our names on the list- we went to Capt Cooks for a snack and did some shopping in boutiki while we waited.


So, prior to 3? Sounds like we’ll have to knock it out on a pool day instead of heading there after AK closes



Cool cool. Thanks guys