Tracking Disney Plan Credits

Is there a way to track Dining Plan credits on the MDE app? If not, what is the best way?
Currently here and I think my table service credits are incorrect but not sure how to double check, thanks!

If you look in the app under your resort reservation, there should be a tab that shows your credits. They are also in the bottom of each receipt.

Thanks, found it! It is inaccurate, anyone have suggestions on who to talk to to get it fixed?

I would go to the front desk!

Yes! The front desk. They quickly resolved an error with our credits!

A word of warning that I believe DVC members (and renters) still cannot track credits on the app.

It applies when the dining plan is attached to a DVC reservation; usually a dining plan is part of a package but in this case it isn’t.

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Yes, for DVC it only showed up on the receipt for me.

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